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What do you think of customers being drawn to you like a Magnet?

May 25, 2008
One of the top business, sales, and marketing experts on earth is Mr. Dan Kennedy. Dan has won international recognition as a "millionaire-maker," helping people in dozens of different businesses turn their ideas into fortunes.

Entrepreneur Magazine says that Dan Kennedy has "at least 101 moneymaking ideas for any business owner." 'Millionaire-Maker' Dan Kennedy moves with remarkable ease from one very different field to another, working with clients in 62 different businesses, industries and professions, earning as much as $250,000.00 in a single month providing unusual direct-response advertising and direct marketing advice, strategy, copywriting and marketing materials, video production and infomercials, and profit improvement systems.

Kennedy works with small businesses and huge corporations. A small operation littered with debt and failed advertising will turn to Dan's instruction. Less than two years later, the business has zero debt and a home-based mail-order business generating over $200,000 a month with insanely high profit margins.

Dan is best known, on the other hand, for his marketing consultations with billion dollar information marketing companies. He has been a prominent member of the Guthy Renker marketing brain trust for years. U.S. Gold credits Kennedy with increasing it's sales by the millions.

Dan taught me the principle of total customer value. Basically, Dan stressed that it easier and faster and ultimately more profitable to focus on developing the existing relationships with current customers.

Taking this principle to heart, we revitalized two of our businesses to stability, then profitability, by becoming excellent at customer service. Part of that means learning how to deal with and engender loyalty in your after they have had a problem with something you are doing. Now there are definitely problem clients out there and they need to be fired as customers. But many times, it is a great client who may bring more future business, if you can make the situation right.

It is no surprise that customers can complain about any number of things. It could be the product, prices, or your service. Also, even when all those things are excellent, some customers just find things to gripe about. Whatever happens, avoid the temptation to simply ignore them. Instead own up to the problem and calm the situation by:

Thanking them. Often the customer will express themselves impolitely. Start by thanking them regardless. None of this is personal. Stay calm and composed.

Beginning your phrase with, "Let me see if I understand you completely." Then restate the complaint of the customer. This accomplishes two things. First, it gives the customer pause and a moment to calm down. Second, it shows that you are listening and taking their concerns seriously.

Finding at least one thing in their complaint that you can agree with. Regardless of how unfounded their complaint is in your mind, you should pick out one major point that you can agree with. Then, build your rebuttal on that point. For instance: "Well, Mr. Harris, I can certainly understand you being upset about delivery being late. I will personally make sure that it doesn't happen again. Now, about your other concerns..." This lets them know that you are not defensive about the situation, and you would rather help solve their problem than make excuses.

Solving the customer's problem. The client picks a fight, not to fight, but to be heard and make you understand that there is a problem. It's your role to play along and stay locked in on solving the problem. These situations handled correctly are when true customer loyalty is build. Success here adds to your total customer value and your profits.

In my mind the right instruction saved my business. I learned about total customer value and how refocusing on that alone can make things fun and profitable, where before it looked dreary and hopeless. Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing is the centerpiece of his teachings.

He'll let anyone try it for 1 year with a full money back guarantee with no hassles or fuss. Sometimes when you come to the point where things aren't working and you have nothing to lose. That's when the right teacher appears. Or maybe you are just starting and can't afford set backs.

Simply walk the path of the millionaire business men. I am betting Magnetic Marketing and all Dan's other real world profit making teachings will be the bedrock of your business and all your future businesses.
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