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How Personality Spices Up Your Copywriting

May 25, 2008
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches in a homey, diner-like atmosphere here in Coeur d' Alene Idaho can only be found at Franklin's Hoagies. The food is always hot but the conversation is smokin' hot!

I know everytime I walk in the place and belly up to the lunch counter, it's gonna be entertaining. And the focus of the entertainment is the owner, Larry.

Larry has a personality the size of Texas. And funny enough, you love him... or hate him. There's not much in between. (Although MOST of the folks there love him.) But the guy can polarize the room pretty quick.

Good old Larry has an opinion about EVERYTHING. And if you don't share it... that's ok... in fact all the better. Need to know why the cost of gas is soaring? Ask Larry. Who to vote for? Larry will surely tell you. He'll hop up on his soapbox and give you a pitch on any subject.

And whether you agree with him or not, you'll still part friends.

The place is packed every day. The last time I was there, I asked a few folks why they came in for lunch. Besides the food, the most popular answer was: they enjoy Larry's bigger than life personality. Even a peek at his sign in the window and it reveals a lot about Larry. It says

"Come on in and eat something before we both starve!"

Now there's a lesson all you copywriters and online marketers can learn from Larry. He's been in business almost 1/3 of a century... so it's a good lesson.

So read this next part carefully.

How much personality have you seen in the hundreds of marketing messages you've been exposed to today?

Not many I'll bet. But the ones that used it effectively will be the ones that come to mind.

But I'm sure the ads brimming with personality are easily remembered than some corporate schtick. If you want to make your ad's more memorable, inject a little... even a lot of personality. Don't be afraid to polarize your market. In fact, I'd prefer to cull the herd early on and make a stronger statement from the get-go because the readers who remain will be the most likely buyers.

You see, I have this old saying...

"If you try to be everything to everybody, you end up being nothing to nobody!"

Ummm... ok. Maybe that wat what my grandpa used to say... But the point is inject personality into your email marketing, website copy, even opt-in pages. Once you do, you'll build more loyalty, sales and word of mouth than you ever dreamed. That's a fact jack.

When you develop a percieved relationship, you may be shocked because

When people "get" you... you become a long lost friend that people love to buy from

Since life is dull for them (most of them anyway), your excitement will build more customers (and even raving fans).

Take that to the bank and draw interest on it.
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