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Being Selfless Can Help You To Make Money On The Internet

May 25, 2008
When you stop and consider what a marvelous wonder the human body is and how each organ, vein, artery, and cell work together to serve the greater purpose of the body itself, it is amazing!

In order to be effective in its role, each party must pay attention to its own health and survival to the degree that its continued existence benefits the whole body. They band together to fight all different kinds of threats that might impair your health.

Another goal of your cells is to continue to grow healthy ones and to fight off diseased one. This may happen directly, but more often it occurs by cultivating the conditions by influencing other cells to multiply. These can be good or sometimes bad cells if they are growing.

When there is a cut on the body, cells rush to defend and defeat the areas from any threats to its health. They are active, not passive at all. They are not workers that declare, "It's not my problem, let someone else take care of it!"

Let's replace these types of cells with the same type of people that exist in the world. These kinds of people are selfless people working continually to make the 'whole' successful and at all costs.

These people make it their personal duty to get humanity back on track by countering fear, falsehood, and cruelty wherever they find it. They do this by bringing light to dark situations. They empower other people and make the 'whole' strong, not just themselves.

It is a new dawn for this selfless person. The result is that many people are now hearing the call, and it's particularly strong today. The body of humanity is acting in its own defense by calling more selfless workers into action.

This call creates a new and wonderful feeling letting you know you are on the right track. You are not only helping others, and with pleasure, you are also succeeding and growing in your own personal desires because of it.

The Internet is exploding in today's world. Can you see the way by being selfless you can make money on the Internet and also guide others? Through the Internet you can get the message out quicker than ever.

The title alone to this article "How to be selfless to make money on the Internet" is only half of the prize. The 'selflessness' guarantees money and the other purpose and dream follows.
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