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Using Your Personal Network To Advertise Your Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
Home based business network marketing is often not a simple task. As a home business owner, you probably dont have the resources that larger ventures can allocate to advertising. However, by using your personal network, you will be able to raise awareness about your home business.

Why the need to advertise? If you have an excellent product, you may feel that people should seek you out so they can have the benefits of what you offer. This, of course, makes for poor business. No matter what you do or what you offer, you will still have to promote your products. How will people do business with you if they dont even know that you are in business?

Your personal network is an excellent way to jump start your advertising efforts. Your personal network includes, of course, your family, your friends and your acquaintances. Because home based businesses are invariably small at the beginning, you will need all the help that you can get, so you should start soliciting sales from the people who know and love you.

Just because you are selling to your family and friends, it does not mean that you can be lax and complacent. In fact, you should probably do more for them than the average customer. Within reason, do all that you can to satisfy them, then ask them to do you a favor, Ask them to use their personal networks to get the word about your business out.

You can use a variety of gimmicks to get your home based business network marketing campaign to a great start. For instance, you might want to provide your friends and family with stickers that they can slap on their cars or maybe flyers that they can post at work. Or you might give them a healthy stack of business cards that they can give away for you. The key, of course, is to make it easy for them to spread the word.

These days, technology makes it easier to advertise. And if you dont believe it, witness the rise of social networking sites like Friendster or MySpace. If you maintain accounts on these sites, you might want to include a few ads on your profile. Alternatively, you might want to buy some ad space in some of the more popular sites on your local community.

If you went about it right, it should not be too difficult to get more people to notice you. A home based business network marketing campaign will depend a great deal on what people say about your business, so keep fairly close watch over the grapevine. If you hear any criticism, dont get defensive. Use it as an opportunity to improve. As long as you keep improving, you will see results sooner or later.
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