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VoIP: The Expanding Bandwagon

May 25, 2008
VoIP has definitely taken the Internet by storm. It is clearly one of the best things that ever happened to the whole history of the World Wide Web. It could certainly use some improvements, but recent updates and trends show that it is definitely getting there.

For one thing, VoIP applications have now become sleeker and prettier than ever. When it used to be applauded for practicality, its applications such as Skype have gotten much criticism due to its lack of esthetic appeal or style. The VoIP mediums being released these days are now fashion show material, while at the same time, retaining its highly praised features. Like many other Internet features, the VoIP has been slowly making its own mark and setting the trademark of convenience and a more personalized way to communicate and do business over the Internet.

The VoIP's increasing fame and usage in the Internet makes the competition stiffer and stiffer at the moment. In a way, this is good for consumers because companies are now accelerating innovations to their VoIP products, making more features available and more options at the consumers' disposal. The bigwigs of VoIP are now working hard to maintain their top status since more and more up and coming VoIP companies are emerging in the market and making the competition fiercer than in the past when VoIP was just launched.

Vonage, one of the top VoIP providers, are now being confronted with their equally competent competitors. Unlimited calling at a fixed price seems to be the trend of VoIP providers, and they usually battle in the arena of affordability and features. Much of the companies work at generating features and maintaining an affordable price for their customers. Loyalty is also encouraged by means of making more bargain prices at long-term subscriptions.

Features of VoIP now include a tie up with mobile carriers, so that even when you are not at home you will be able to make use of their service. Also, they have this sorting feature between business and personal calls which will help you align your calling priorities accordingly. Aside from this call rollover, you can also avail yourself of an emergency 911 service.

Companies such as Nokia and Ericsson are also known to merge with VoIP providers in making the VoIP experience a more mobile one. The VoIP technologies these days are tailored to suit wireless settings, which promotes more remote business transactions at the ease of a well-designed mobile phone.

More and more business companies are harnessing the technology of VoIP in order to be able to save money and time in doing business transactions on a large scale. While it used to be that people need to go out of the office and meet up somewhere to be able to discuss properly certain business agreements, it is not all possible because superior audio quality can be expected from VoIP.

The VoIP is being designed to augment the convenience factor for Internet users. There seems to be hardly any need to commute long distances to make transactions. And beyond business applications, VoIP can now also be used for video games. Much of the hype it has been generating on hardcore gamers worldwide is because of the fact that it makes a good game supreme with its voice feature inclusion.

Also, the VoIP is getting more trusted by major institutions worldwide. From being a medium of personal conversations, the VoIP applications are now being expanded with regard to its usage. The Pentagon of the United States have been allegedly making agreements with General Dynamics System to make use of VoIP in their operations in the Department of Defense. Clearly, this is taking VOIP at another level. There will possibly be more discovered usages for VoIP in the near future, looking at the real progress with which it is going now.

There have also been merges of features between VoIP providers and other technological moguls. This makes more possibilities available for VoIP users in the future. Increasing support and merges with other companies continue to build the credibility of VoIP as an alternative means of communication. Much of the trends to expect this year border on expansion attempts of VoIP companies into making their services more mobile. Small wonder if in the near future it starts to replace all other existing communication devices with such practicality and versatility.
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