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Overcome The Fear Of Making Money With The Internet

May 25, 2008
No matter what fears you have, no matter how seemingly small and insignificant, facing them does make you a stronger and lighter person. Doing things outside of your comfort zone makes you even more open-minded.

Just think how different your life would be if you lived by the rule, "Whatever you fear, you must face!" It would open up so many more doors that you previously thought were wedged shut. Think of fear as a homing beacon, not an obstacle.

Once you learn how this can be done you will be able to over come fear and make money with the Internet. Here are some practical suggestions.

Think about what frightens you and tackle these things individually first. There is no reason to conquer them all at once. What is bothering you the most? Now just take a small step towards that first fear alone.

Make a plan about how to face that fear. Let's use an example of talking in front of a crowd. Begin with a small group of people you know and invite one or two you are unfamiliar with, yet are in the same business.

Next, be prepared and have a positive attitude. There is no rule that you have to look them in their eyes the first few times; look at a spot in the back of the room. You know your material, your goal and where you are planning to fly with this!

Wow, it's finished and revel in the outcome! Focus on the support, the high-fives, your feelings; realizing you can do that again. By accomplishing this exercise it will remain a reminder of the accomplishment and encouragement for future challenges.

The reward of facing fear is that you get to be fully alive. When you turn towards your fears, you feel the breath of life blowing straight at you and it's very refreshing. You feel awake and energized.

You begin to realize that you simply can't let fear stand in your way if you want to live your life consciously. Being afraid of something is no excuse for not doing it. If you truly want to make money on the Internet, there is no reason not to overcome that fear.

Always remember that if you run from any kind of a challenge, you would be giving fear permission to take over. Facing fear makes you more conscious and moves you into reality. Fear lowers your consciousness and makes you behave like a puppet.
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