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Craigslist: The Perfect Website Traffic Generator

May 25, 2008
Free website traffic is something that interests all Internet marketers, even the ones that are more experienced. And yet, it still seems so elusive. Even if you can acquire more website traffic without spending extra money, you usually will have to sacrifice more time trying to build links and/or optimizing your content. However, thanks to Craigslist.com, Internet marketers can increase Web traffic without having to waste any extra time or money.

So, how does Craigslist.com provide free website traffic for Internet marketers? The answer can be summed up in two words: classified ads. These are just like the ads you would find in the newspaper or The Pennysaver, except they are completely free. Additionally, they can give you a SEO advantage, since Craigslist.com has a Google page rank of 6.

Yet, don't go thinking that you can just post as many ads as you want. In fact, if you submit too many, other Craiglist.com users will flag your ad for spam. This will result in your ad getting taken down. And if you continue to do things improperly, you may put your account at risk for getting banned.

With that being said, only post a couple of ads for categories that are relevant to your site. And, don't post the same ad in multiple cities, since that goes against Craigslist.com's rules. Instead, post your ad on a city that gets a ton of traffic, such as San Francisco, New York or Washington D.C. There are many others, but these tend to get the most traffic.

By posting one or two ads on Craigslist.com, you will become more noticeable by search engine bots, which may increase your overall search engine ranking. However, there is another method you can use to get the most out of Craigslist.com traffic, without having to rely on the search engines. Basically, it involves offering a free advertising.

To make this method work, you need to acquire your own classified ads site. For $97 you can get one that is already setup at Adsomatic.com. Alternatively, you can buy a classified ad script and create one from scratch. Either way, once your classified ad site is up, use Craigslist.com to advertise it. You'll get more website traffic because members are getting exposed to another free advertising opportunity. Just make sure that when they go onto your site, you advertise the URLs you intended on promoting directly.
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