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How You Can Make Money Typing From Home

May 25, 2008
I would group make money typing into two large areas, first off there are the ways you can make money using your typing skills to get paid by other people. The second way is where you type to make money and do this for yourself. These are very broad categories so I will break them down further for you.

Using your typing skills to work for others

This is certainly the easiest route to take as you will be working for someone else and means you won't have to innovate or come up with ideas yourself. On the sown side it does mean the rewards are more limited and you will not be able to earn more than the hours you put in.

It's easy to start off with some simple ways to make money typing that you could start right away without having to make any initial investment. This would be the equivalent of you getting a job in your local area. I have previously written about two easy ways to get started. Working from home typing searches and getting paid to click which are both popular and easy to start options you can do with no investment. Whilst they do not pay a great deal it's a good starting point.

Using your typing skills for to work for yourself

The next option is to put your typing skills to work for yourself and be your own boss. This means you would be dependant on yourself, you will need to come up with your own ideas that will make you money from typing. By far the most popular method is to create your own content site or other site where you will be using your typing skills to make money.

Doing this means there will be no instant pay off, it does mean the rewards can be much larger in the long term. Whilst it can seem daunting at first this is something you can start whilst working on the first method.

In the longer term it does mean you can earn more than the hours that you put in. For example if you great a site with great content then people are going to visit that site even whilst you are not actively working on it. It's a bit like writing a book, you do the hard work to start off with but once it is published the book can earn you money indefinitely.

I have been using both these methods myself as it pretty much means you can fill all your available time. Working for yourself does mean an investment in both your time and money it is more likely to be more rewarding in the long run. There is no reason to procrastinate any longer, you will only find rewards by putting in the effort. If you do nothing then nothing will happen.
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