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Internet Marketing Coach Reveals What To Sell Online

May 25, 2008
According to survey, a whopping 80% of those who attended Internet marketing seminars do not have any ideas of what to sell.

This is no brainer if you are able to find out what does your target market want using online research tools (most of them are free). You will need to use different tools for different countries. For example, the tools we use for the UK market is different from the US market, or the Hong Kong market, or the China market.

In the past, Overture keyword research is one of the most popular free online research tool. However, this tool can no longer be used. Instead, you will need to open a pay-per-click account with Yahoo search marketing before you can use its online keyword research tool.

These tools enable us to find out not just how many searches for keywords are done per month, but also the popularity of different types of products under the same category. For example, if you want to sell jewelry, you need to decide to sell which type of jewelry, e.g diamond, silver, gold, fashion jewelry etc. Before you decide on this, you will need to use the online tools to find out which type is in highest demand online.

Once you identify the type of jewelry with the highest demand online, e.g fashion jewelry, then you can do sourcing online using search engines, dropship directory, and B2B portals like alibaba.com.

The physical products we are selling include N95 Masks or Bird Flu Masks, e1Net wireless rechargeable mouse, e1Net Skype ready Headset microphone etc

These tools are equally applicable for other business models such as:

1. Sell services

You can also use the Internet to sell and/or promote services, and even get customers from overseas. For example, we regularly got customers engage us from overseas to offer Internet marketing services to help them promote certain products in a particular country.

E.g. one UK university hired us to do email marketing to get people to visit their exhibition booth in Taiwan. Another popular shoe brand in Europe engaged us to do search engine marketing for their stores in Japan, which resulted in their sales increase by 180% within 3 months!

Another highly successful eOneNet Internet marketing coaching graduate is Alice Sy, who is now running a very successful online domestic helper agency in Hong Kong, www.1maidhk.com . Although a local website, she's also getting customers from Spain, Bahamas etc.

2. Sell Software

This is a very lucrative thing to sell, as once you paid for the development costs, you pratically have little costs in selling the software online. Our software includes the DIY SEO Site Builder and web audio recording software.

Another highly successful example is Christopher Tam, who has made US$36,000 within 2 months of launching a new website, at www.klantcrm.com, selling CRM software. I believe he will be the next Internet Millionaire before the end of this year.

There are at least 5 more making money models online, some of which can be made auto-run.

Interested to find out more, check out eOneNet.com's Internet marketing seminars at www.eOneNet.com or Internet marketing coaching course at www.InternetMarketingCoaching.com
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Fione Tan is eOneNet.com's CEO & head Internet Marketing Coach - the No.1 internet marketing company in Asia. As a multi-millionaire internet marketing coach, she is a renowned internet marketing speaker who has spoken to over 10,000 people worldwide. Visit eOneNet.com Advanced Internet Marketing Coaching course at http://www.InternetMarketingCoaching.com
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