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Several Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

May 25, 2008
Anyone selling goods or services over the internet not only wants but needs loads of people to visit their website. After all if no one visits your website how are you going to be able to sell over the internet? Everyone knows that appearing on the first few pages, if not the first page, of search engine returns is vital to attracting people to their website. There is a veritable A to Z of how you can increase the traffic visiting your website; the following are some of the easier ways to do this. You can pay someone else to do these things, but theyre all quite feasible to do yourself providing youre willing to have a go.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is by far the single most effective thing you can do to attract traffic to your website. Quite simply search engines respond to queries put into them by listing the most relevant pages first. Ok, there are caveats to that statement, but Ill mention those when I need to.

For a search engine to find your website youve got to ensure that your keywords or phrases are what people are using in their searches. To ensure maximum effect you need to make sure each web page has a unique title tag and carefully/thoughtfully chosen Meta keyword and description tags.

Make any text links that navigate around your website the same as keywords, or phrases, in your Meta tags. For the most important pages in your website have the most navigation links to them. This then makes sure the most important keywords/phrases are repeated. Also, add a site map to your website, embedding links to the pages of your website which again repeats those keywords and phrases.

Find out about W3C from the World Wide Web consortium; follow their rules for webpage building.

Submit your website to the various search engines and directories. When you do this, youll see that can pay to move your website up a search engine or directories rankings. Ill leave you to ponder that one. Only you can decide if its worth doing that, remember all the things Im listing here you can do yourself.

Write articles about things related to your website, the articles should include links to your website. Then submit them for publishing on the internet, providing your article is interesting and well written people reading it will click on the links and visit your site.

There are so many more things you can do to optimize the amount of internet traffic visiting your website; Ive not mentioned reciprocal links or forum networking or pay-per-click etc. However, here is one last tip; its so obvious that you wouldnt believe the number of people who dont already do it. Have an email signature that includes your url. Yes thats it - its that simple! If youve already done that - well done you, if havent - then do it now. You wouldnt believe the curiosity of people when a web address pops up that they werent expecting.
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