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Gas KPIs And Their Implementation

May 25, 2008
No matter what type of business you operate or what industry this business of yours belongs to, there will surely come a need for you to use the balanced scorecard. This is because the balanced scorecard serves as a determinant of the current progress your business finds itself at, especially when compared against the goals and objectives the business itself originally set way back in its foundation. The daily operations and management of a business can easily distract any entrepreneur from realizing the long-term goals of the organization because more focus is placed on the short-term goals. This goes without saying that this is the wrong thing to do because it is actually right to focus on short-term goals as well. These are, after all, the immediate goals faced by the organization. However, there still has to be some sort of balance implemented between both long-term and short-term goals, and this is exactly why businesses, even in the gas industry, need the implementation of the balanced scorecard.

In the gas industry itself, any gas company actually has several factors that can be used in the development of gas KPI or key performance indicators for its scorecard. Production is one aspect that holds a lot of significance in the success of any company. Thus, it would make sense to focus on this particular aspect of the business. So, what gas KPI should then be included when it comes to developing the gas production scorecard?

You have to understand that these KPI or key performance indicators have to be measurable. However, not all aspects about gas production are numerical in nature so these have to be converted into such form to be measurable. This way, you can see the figures for yourself and then determine just where you currently are towards the realization of corporate goals and objectives. There are primary determinants that you can use when it comes to measuring gas production and business efficiency. Using these determinants is very much helpful in this endeavor.

The first determinant is the gas company's reserve and its quality. The quality of the company's reserve should definitely be a key determinant in the production of the company itself. You have to remember that quality is always of utmost importance in any business or industry. Thus, this would make a worthy addition as a gas KPI.

The second determinant focuses more on the level of efficiency, especially when it comes to the management of the gas production unit itself. The efficiency of gas production does not start and end with just the production unit itself. You also have to take into consideration how the unit is managed and maintained, to ensure optimum production. Thus, this should also be included as one of the gas KPIs on your scorecard for production.

Other factors that would make great additions include flaring and daily output. Of course, there are still other factors that you can use. You only have to choose which of these are relevant for your company and for the realization of goals and objectives. This way, the gas KPI that you choose will serve as pathways towards progress and development for your organization.
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