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The Importance Of Proper CRM KPI Implementation

May 25, 2008
Call centers all over the world exist for one sole purpose, and this is to make things more convenient for the end users of the companies they work for. Ironically, the mere act of contacting a call center representative is far from boasting convenience, as it should. Have you ever tried contacting a call center to report, let's say a product defect, or just to ask for technical support regarding products and services? If you have tried, then you surely must have gone through pressing so many prompts just to get a live person at the end of the line. And when you do talk to that live person, the line just goes dead.

Now, how frustrating is that? What's more, this is just one of the many frustrating things that can occur in any call center setting. Thus, there is a need to implement CRM KPI, or customer relationship management key performance indicators.

In the scenario mentioned above, who is at fault here? Is it the customer service representative? Or has the caller fallen victim to the occasional hazards that come with technology? Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure: the CRM KPI implemented here are faulty, resulting to the unpleasant and very frustrating experience of the caller.

You have to understand that customer satisfaction plays a very vital role in the success and growth of a company. Thus, there is a need to implement key performance indicators to measure customer relationship management. Keeping good customer relations can very well lead to customer satisfaction, and these KPIs are implemented to keep track of the performance of all employees towards achieving this goal.

And that is not all. Any business or organization, at the time of its inception, would have certain goals and objectives that they want to achieve. The typical call center, for instance, would surely have these corporate goals and objectives that it wants to achieve. For the most part, businesses would have a span of roughly 5 to 10 years, for the achievement of these goals and objectives. Customer relationship management would surely be one of these major goals and objectives.

However, it is so easy to become engrossed with the immediate goals and objectives any business wants to achieve, especially in the context of call centers. You see, call centers have a lot of figures to deal with, such as monthly quotas and performance appraisals, that the long-term goals just might be shelved off for a period of time to give way to the short-term goals at hand. But with the implementation of CRM KPI, the tool would actually serve as a constant reminder that there are long-term goals to be achieved. Thus, the attention of both employees and the management staff would be called accordingly.

Where CRM KPI is involved, always remember that it is the perception of the customer that sticks out here.

Thus, it is important to choose KPIs that can accurately measure just how satisfied a particular customer is with the service that has been provided to him or her. If your KPIs can answer this accurately, then you would know that your tool is on the right track.
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