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A Rundown On Gas Production Metrics

May 25, 2008
Few people who use gas in their day to day lives are aware of the gas production metrics used to measure the quality of the gas brought to the market for end user consumption. In every industry in which there is an existing process and there is an output, whether it is tangible or not, there are metrics used to measure the actual result against what is desired. These are measurements quantified through numbers and are often called key performance indicators or KPIs.

In gas production, one of these things looked into is exploration. Significant amount if money is invested to find the best and richest resources of gas--that is to say crude oil. These are then harvested and are taken to gas plants where the actual conversion occurs. If the exploration expenses do not convert into a finding, a vast amount of investment is lost since another one needs to be done.

Once an exploration is successful, it does not end there. There has to be a fair distribution or allocation of resources that includes financial budget, human resources, and task allocation. Infrastructures have to be built, which means another significant investment has to take place. These are then quantified by identifying the number of oil wells being productive against the financial output as opposed to the total investment.

Another thing used as a gas production metric is development and actual production. Capital spending is taken into consideration when identifying development plans for the wells and the gas plant. Expenditures on other resources are also factored in and these include drilling, manpower, facilities, and equipment. For capital spending, the actual metric measured is allocation of resources. This also includes development spending.

The capability of the professionals who work for the gas plant is also part of the metrics. Human knowledge and expertise are always indicators of how a business will run. Other than this, their decisions will significantly impact the business. Putting someone incompetent to do the job will cost a significant amount of lost money. There has to be marginal errors in businesses, as errors always convert to substantial money lost. In effect, every error is considered a defect. The degree of control is also measured to see how effective the management is running the business. In essence, the complete skill sets of the professionals are gauged.

There are practically hundreds of metrics measured and quantified to see the overall efficiency of a gas plant. From one department to the other, almost the same metrics are applied albeit little adjustments are made depending on the nature of the plant segment. From a general standpoint, all aspects are scrutinized. This includes refining or oil. These metrics also involve the marketing of the output to ensure product visibility. The process itself is also measured to check if it is still effective. Some processes may be eliminated to expedite and advance current procedures to keep up with the changing technology. This is to say that gas production metrics do not end in the basics, it is practically endless.
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