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Solving The Traffic Exchange Riddle

May 25, 2008
Anyone in the internet marketing field has used, or at the very least is familiar to some degree with, traffic exchanges. If you are not very well informed, look them up - you'll likely as not read many horror stories about them.

However, a traffic exchange can be a great thing for your business provided you know how to effectively make use of it. It's a simple enough concept - you look at others' websites and they in turn look at yours.

A page view is counted as about ten seconds of exposure. However, this is not nearly enough if the page features a lot of multimedia content. Ten seconds won't be enough time for the page to finish loading. Don't use a full sales page or affiliate page. In the small amount of time you'll get, a blank page or one that is only partially loaded does nothing for your business.

A traffic exchange is best used to gather leads. Nothing else, just collect email addresses and names for future marketing efforts. A capture page which loads quickly and has one eye catching feature will work to your best advantage - you can make even a web surfer pressed for time take notice of your page. A fast loading lead capture page with one bequeathing feature will generally make even the most impatient surfer take note.

What you want is a page with a concise message, no scrolling necessary and which loads fast. This is what will work best for you in a traffic exchange. Once that surfer's attention has been grabbed and they opt in to your list, they have become a lead and you may email them via your autoresponder.

Of course, this is exactly what you want. You can then promote your offers to leads any time. Simply put, you need to set up a good lead capture page - then you must get to the task of getting traffic to your page.

Firefox is the tool of choice here. Multiple tabs are tailor made for traffic exchange servers. You can open several tabs and move from one to the other, generating hits from several traffic exchange servers at once. It works like a charm.

You can even try to build a downline in these traffic exchanges - you will then receive some of the traffic they generate while using the exchange. If you can get others to direct traffic to your page for you, this means more traffic and less work for you: a winning combination! If you have several lead capture pages up and running, you are going to need a rotator. A lot of traffic exchanges accept rotators, but not all of them - check with the exchange for what they allow.

There is another issue with this continued surfing - some surfers can simply not hold themselves back from opting into a slew of lead capture pages and get bombarded with email and offers from all of these pages.

You need to teach yourself to ignore all of these offers facing you and go on with the business of getting more traffic to your site. This is why you're surfing; stick to the task at hand.

There is even software out there which permits you to submit a URL to a rotator. In these setups, hits are purchased in bulk from a variety of traffic exchanges and all of the submitted URLs benefit from this promotional tactic. This is perhaps not as efficient as some other methods, but it does save a lot of time.

Follow these simple steps: use a traffic exchange to find leads using fast loading lead capture pages with opt-in lists being directed to your autoresponder. Then either buy or surf for traffic. This system still works very well, is simple to use and will reward your efforts.
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