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Why The Right Stands Will Have A Positive Impact

May 25, 2008
Organising an exhibition event is not an easy task. There are multiple things to worry about such as hiring of exhibition stands, booking your venue or booking a decent place in the venue, organising your company prototypes and products for demonstration, hiring the right people to represent the company on the stand, calculating the total cost of the exhibition and marketing the event. One person alone cannot complete this job.

Although hiring exhibition stands may seem like a simple task, in fact one requires much attention and plenty of researching for the right equipment. Ordering generic stands just will not do. Choosing the right stands will mean that this will have a positive impact on the company, bringing in more people to the stand and building upon your client record. The idea for these stands is to draw the attentions of potential new clients or bring back existing clients.

Some exhibition stands can include large banner stands, popup stands, roller banners, interactive graphic displays or LCD screens depending on what products you have on offer. The majority of them come with their own build-your-own equipment and display units for people to take leaflets off freely. The best way to gather a large crown is to have a demonstration of your products or give out complimentary samples (if applicable).

However, hiring out the exhibition equipment should not be the first thing that comes up on your to-do list. At the start of the planning process, you should spend time calculating the cost of the event, with inclusions of what needs to be ordered, cost of venue, cost of marketing products and cost of designing the exhibition graphics displays. When dealing with the design side of your graphics you should keep in mind the company colours, logos - highlight these, and people are more likely to remember.

When ordering exhibition stands, you will need to determine whether you will need to hire help with setting it up or if you are able to set it up on your own. Most of the equipment are designed to be assembled in next-to-no-time and are light enough to be transported from different places. This is imperative when you are packing for the day and setting up at the start.

You should focus on sticking to your overall aim of the exhibition, for example if your aim is to gain 100 new clients and give out 100 sample with 100 leads then work on organising the company to reach to that main objective. There is no point in ordering extra equipment and objects if this is not going to help with you getting to your target for the day. You will need to come up with a strategy to help you with the process and stick to plan of action for event.
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Anna Stenning is an expert at choosing the right exhibition stands for large corporate events.
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