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Options for Hosting Multiple Websites

May 25, 2008
The first thing to look for when going for multiple website account is whether or not to host them all with the same web hosting company. Several web hosting companies offer packages that let you set up multiple sites on a single account and almost all will let you set up multiple accounts. If you are planning to operate multiple websites we can provide some useful information regarding the prices of domain name registration and web hosting. Advantages of using a different host are that you'll get a different IP address for each of your sites.

If your sites are related to one another and you want to link them together, having different IP addresses can sometimes help your site rank higher in the search engines.

Separate accounts are self-explanatory, so let's look at reseller accounts. As a reseller, you are basically acting as an agent for the hosting company - a middleman between them and the end user.If you do choose to host all your sites with one company, there are essentially 3 choices - separate accounts for each site, a reseller account where they are all hosted or a dedicated server, again where they are all hosted. If you are happy with the hosting company you're using for your existing website(s), one advantage of using them for another site is the fact that you know they offer good service and support.They might also offer discounts for multiple sites, so your costs might be lower if you stay with them again.

Hosting on a dedicated server gives you complete control over the web server. You may install any software you want, any operating system you want and you can allocate resources like memory and hard disk space however you want to divide it up between your sites.

Disadvantages of a dedicated server: The disadvantage of a dedicated hosting is that you only are responsible for maintaining the server and sometimes even for the technical side of things. If you are unaware of technical side of running a web server then you are in trouble. The idea is that you can set up your own company offering web hosting that is ultimately hosted by the company.
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