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Familiarize Yourself With Your Business to Make Money With The Internet

May 26, 2008
To be able to make money on the Internet or with any other type of business you must first have a balance between self-acceptance and the drive to grow and improve yourself. You must learn to keep identity and position as separate as possible.

Your life is a journey through time. The end points represent your birth and death. The points behind you are your past and the points in front are your future. Your present moment is a little dot on that time line, slowly inching towards your death.

Once you start labeling points of your life as being "higher" or "lower" quality than others, you then begin to judge your life. How does your life today compare with your life five years ago? Are you richer? Happier? Healthier?

The more you accept where you are, the less motivation there is to grow. And the more you push, the less satisfaction you derive from your current position. Now your self-image becomes all-powerful and takes control of your life.

It's your self-image that creates the conflict between self-acceptance and growth. When you identify with the positional aspect, you pull your ego into the picture. Your sense of self then becomes dependent on your particular position, advancement and title.

Instead of rooting your sense of self in your job or money, which is ever changing, what would happen if you rooted your sense of self in something permanent and unchangeable?

Stop identifying yourself with any form of positional status, and pick something invulnerable instead, like a pure concept that nothing in this world can touch. Think of service to humanity, faith in a higher power, compassion, unconditional love, and so on.

When you root yourself in unchangeable principles, your life will continue to go up and down, but not your identity. You unconditionally accept yourself as you are while you play the positional growth game and gain the best of both worlds.

To be ready to understand your personal situation to make money with the Internet, you must discover your own personal way to escape the external world. Two great ways are to practice journaling and meditation. Both exercises bring you back to reality.

Once you know how to obtain that inner peace, your position can roller coaster all over the place and you can still be at peace on the inside no matter what happens.

And that is exactly what it means when you hear, "It's best to understand your personal situation first to make money with the Internet."
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