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Where To Get Money For Your Home Based Business

Aug 17, 2007
A home based business does require some money to cover necessary expenses whether it be for start up, maintenance, or expansion. While a home based business can be relatively inexpensive to own and operate, having the necessary funds is very important. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there to help.

Have You Considered an SBA Loan?

The U.S. Small Business Administration is designed to help people start and operate their own small business. Keep in mind that the SBA will guarantee a loan made by private lenders to help you get the loan. They don't give away money or make the loan themselves. They also have numerous informational resources to help you operate your home based business successfully.

Just like most other loan situations, the SBA has criteria that must be met in order to obtain the loan. Particularly, they examine the ability to repay the loan from business profits. They will also expect you to personally guarantee the loan and they will examine what assets you may have. Other considerations are your character, management capability, collateral, and equity.

The SBA expects you to use your own assets first. They also expect your small business to be For Profit meaning that you intend to operate your home based business to generate a profit. Your business must also be conducted in the United States and there must be some owner equity meaning that the owner has a monetary stake in the business.

There are also rules about how you can use the money from an SBA loan. Items such as equipment, inventory, and working capital qualify. You cannot use the money to pay existing debts or make payments to business owners. Check the SBA website or your local office for further details at www.sba.gov

Have You Considered Private Grants?

While there are not any grants at this time offered by the U.S. Government for Small or Home Based Business endeavors, there may be sometime in the future. Check your local library for books authored by Matthew Lesko or visit http://freegovmoney.cjb.net/ He has made himself an authority on government based money programs. Also, some corporations may make grants available for small businesses. For more information, visit www.fdncenter.org/funders/grantmaker/index.html

Have You Considered a Conventional or Signature Loan?

If you think about how relatively inexpensive starting and operating a Home Based Business really is compared to a conventional business, you may opt to just borrow the money from a local or national lender. Now a days the competition to make loans is much greater than before which may mean good terms for the borrower. It is definitely worth looking into. You may want to inquire from the following:

American General Finance

Washington Mutual

Citi Financial

Beneficial or Household

Lending Tree

Have You Considered Other Alternatives?

1) Borrow From Someone
2) Bring in a Business Partner
2) Use Your Credit Cards
3) Cut Your Budget and Save The Money You Need
4) Take a Second Job

Regardless of how you obtain the funds that you need for your Home Based Business rest assured, Where there is a will, there is a way. Owning and operating a Home Based Business can be very rewarding. For many, it is a means to a much higher income and a lot more freedoms. It is well worth the hunt for funds.
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