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Benefits of Metal Pallets Compared To Plastic Pallets

May 26, 2008
Recently, Compliance Packaging International Ltd. launched a new website featuring new heavy duty 48 x 40 metal pallets that are superior to plastic pallets in a number of important ways.

Our metal pallets offer better long term savings than other metal pallets and plastic pallets because of their affordability and durability. Companies in a wide variety of industries that desire the lowest cost per trip over time have tested and discovered our metal pallets are less expensive than plastic pallets.

Beyond cost savings, companies around the world enjoy the sanitary, sustainability and safety advantages of the metal pallets over plastic pallets.

Metal pallets can be cleaned and disinfected easier than plastic pallets, and can also be made more bacteria resistant.

Plastic pallets also can be a dangerous fire hazard in warehouses particularly when stored in large quantities. Metal pallets are not flammable even in the worst fires.

Metal pallets are more durable than plastic pallets, do not break under heavy weight and remain sturdy when stacked with product on a warehouse floor. When a company replaces plastic pallets with metal pallets they often see workplace accidents decline with better performing metal pallets.

Metal pallets also can extend their lifespan and return on investment by being repaired. Plastic pallets cannot be fixed when cracked or broken.

Shippers that expect the best protection for their product in route know metal pallets afford greater security in transit than plastic pallets. Our metal pallets have a static load capacity of up to 40000 pounds and offer dynamic load carry capacities up to 10000 pounds that far exceed the performance of nearly all plastic pallets available.

Moreover, the metal 48 x 40 distribution pallet can carry as much as 3500 pounds in an open edge racking systems. Most plastic pallets only can hold 2200 pounds in an open racking system.

Metal is also the most recycled material in the world saving more energy and material than plastic when recovered.
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Contact author James Page for other benefits that may apply to your needs. To determine the lifetime cost per trip of our metal pallets is to thoroughly test them. We usually send out metal pallet samples the same day.
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