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How To Create Twenty Online Businesses In One Day

Aug 17, 2007
Today I'm going to teach you my special 'One Day Business' model. I'm going to show you how to create your very own twenty web site internet business in one day with very little effort, and just a few dollars or so for a domain name and hosting.

What we're going to do is find free-to-all articles that are aimed at a large niche, let's say 'dogs'. We're then going to copy and paste fifty or so of these articles into Microsoft word, and then aim the product at a small niche within that niche (eg. Chihuahuas) by writing a title, short introduction and ending aimed specifically at that niche. We're then going to use a free and simple method to get tons of visitors to that site overnight, and then repeat the process time and time again for different smaller niches (Labrador, bulldog, sausage dog etc). Don't worry this is so simple a child could do it.

So first of all you need to go to google.com and type 'article directory' into the engine. Here are two of the biggest:goarticles.com and ezinearticles.com.

Then you need to decide what your big niche is going to be. I'm going to continue to use dogs as an example to keep things simple so you can see the process clearly. But this system works with pretty much any niche market.

Once you're at the article directory the next step is to find around fifty articles (or more if you choose - this is just a guideline) on your subject that can be aimed at all smaller niches within your larger niche. For example 'keeping your dog flea free', 'how to stop your dog barking at night', 'Teaching your pooch to sit'. Do you see how it doesn't matter whether the dog is a Labrador or a poodle? These are relevant to all dogs.

I want you to find articles like these, and copy and paste them all into a word document. At the end of each article is what's called an authors resource box. This is what allows us to take these articles for free. It is essentially a link back to the author's web site that gives them free publicity. (To make sure you don't upset anyone make sure you email the author and ask for their permission to include it in your new book)

Right next up it's time to find smaller niches within your general niche. This is pretty simple. Go to inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ and type in your main niche keyword. Then list as many of the smaller niches that you see as possible. Next go to google.com and type in each niche.

Let's say you find twenty breeds of dog (there's hundreds, if not thousands). Using this system that means you can now set up twenty, yes twenty web sites. All you need to do is write a title, introduction and ending specific for each dog breed, then you've got twenty different products. Are you liking this? You've spent around two hours finding some articles and firing off some emails and you've now got a twenty product, twenty web site business at your hands! And this can be done with pretty much any niche. Dogs is just an example to keep things simple.

Now all you need is visitors to your web site. And guess what, this is free too! How? By setting up your own affiliate programme. You can do this at paydotcom.com. This system works seamlessly with paypal and you can set up your program in around half an hour. Good huh!

When your site and affiliate programme is set up all you need to do is type in the keywords related to your specific niche into google.com and contact web site owners of sites listed there. Let's use poodle as an example. You'd type poodle into google and then go through web sites writing down site owners email addresses (preferably sites that have a way of collecting email addresses from visitors. Like newsletter sign ups etc). Once you've got around thirty contacts it's time to email them.

Email them explaining that you've got a product that you believe visitors to their site or subscribers to their newsletter would be interested in. You'll pay them sixty percent commission for every sale they make through the affiliate link that they can get from your site. Tell them that they could make big money from just sending out an email promo to their list or by placing a text link to your site on theirs.

And that's it. Keep repeating this process time and time again. Create new businesses and send out a few emails. This is the ultimate 'copy and paste' no cost business.
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Jonathan Street is mad. And he wants to get even. He's willing to give you his two hour video training outlining this model, blogging and more, and you won't have to pay a dime. Get it at

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