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Professional Hobbies: Selling Your Goods Online

May 26, 2008
One of the best home businesses you may venture into will be the realm of hobbies. Many consumers are shocked to see how easy maintaining a viable secondary income can be just by commercializing their favorite hobbies.

The Web provides the easiest way to sell your interests because of the amount of traffic. You can have visitors from all over the world within a single month. Even if people in your area do not view your hobby as anything extraordinary, others elsewhere will view your talent as unique and intriguing.

To craft a home business from your hobby, first think of a good name for your company. It should be unique and interesting in itself. Make a list of your favorite company names and enter them into your favorite search engine. Which name brings back the most results? You will want to use names that return few or no listings. If you want a more precise search, enclose your text within quotation marks. If you are searching for Acme Beadwork and want only search results with that exact phrase, you will enter "Acme Beadwork" into the search engine.

Once you have picked an interesting name you can then purchase a domain to go with it. When you have a hosting company and are ready to create your website, focus on making the pages appear like a store. List descriptive, clear paragraphs and use intriguing titles. If you don't have one, purchase a digital camera to photograph your wares. This doesn't have to be a major purchase. A resolution of at least 4 mega-pixels, should work fine. This is simply to photograph your products and give your customers a visual idea of the product.

You should also plan out sections to go on your website. Most will feature an area specifically for display and sale of goods. It is also interesting to create an "about the artist" section that shows your history and accomplishments.

You will also want to research current pricing of similar works online. If you are creating a store to sell watercolor paintings, you should research other artists who sell their work online. Try to find an artist who is on a similar professional level to you. An artist who has painted for 50 years will likely sell their works for much more than those who have only been painting a few years.

When dealing in art, including your own, you don't want to overprice your wares. Underpricing is equally harmful. It may give visitors the impression that you are a newer painter or designer and your work will be less than quality. You can always offer specials for whatever events you choose; however as a base price, do your homework.

To complete the process of turning your hobby into a business, you should also invest in promotion. You don't need to spend hundreds or thousands in advertising. Start your promotional ventures small so you can verify which method is most successful. Are there local galleries that will allow you to display a sampling of your work? If so, you can also have them add your Web address to the information displayed. The Internet will also provide the most affordable and effective means of advertising your website. Advertisements in e-zines and on other websites will run far less than the average ad in a newspaper.

Musicians and graphic designers will not be able to display their work as freely as a visual artist. Unlike a painting, these files can be easily stolen or "borrowed" by online traffic.

Graphic designers should place a watermark somewhere in the image. If people attempt to copy the image, they will also copy the watermark. The watermark will be displayed wherever they try to use it. Musicians can opt to publish excerpts of their songs or complete songs with background statements that the work is merely a sample song offered on the website.

It doesn't matter if your hobby is fly fishing or quilting; a hobby can be easily turned into a business online. You may be seeking a secondary income or you may be interested in changing jobs altogether. Such a business can be either and will give your online audience a taste of your own unique and creative products that aren't found elsewhere in the world.
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