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Room to Move: Finding and Organizing a Place to Work

May 26, 2008
One of the biggest challenges for a home business is finding room. Most consumers don't have enough space as it is, and there are no empty rooms waiting to be turned into a home office. You will need a space to have a home business. It may be only the size of a closet or it may be two rooms altogether. Whatever it is, you will need to make it work.

A disorganized office can do as much harm to a home business as insulting customers. Your paperwork is never where it should be, information can't be found quickly, customer information may be on the table or the desk, and writing utensils are littered across the room.

Many home business owners have even mistakenly resorted to hiring unnecessary employees simply because their office seems so disorganized that it would be simpler to pay the extra money. Chaos and disorganization bleed over into every aspect of enjoying a home business. The clutter and haphazard placement stands out more than your work.

It is worth a few days to eliminate these issues from your workplace. Having a place for every necessary material isn't unrealistic: it's greatly needed. If you struggle with maintaining a neat office, consider investing in a cleaning service to help you, as opposed to living in a shaky world where the papers your customer requested may be there or may not.

Multitasking is a common term today, and it can mean the difference between a good home office or a cramped room that has no extra space at all. There are many tips and tricks for maximizing your living area and providing you with more space for your home business office.

The first step is to evaluate every room in your home. From the living room to the kitchen, which is the largest? Are there any rooms that are filled with clutter or unused furniture? Guest rooms can be equipped with futons instead of full-size beds, allowing much extra space. Do you have a corner of your kitchen that is unused?

Another wonderful benefit of organizing is that an organized office requires less space. Paperwork can always be stored in airtight plastic containers. Unless you need them on a daily basis, these containers can be stored in closets or your garage. If the paperwork is needed, try storing it beneath your desk.

The basement is a common area of a home that often has a great deal of unused space. It doesn't take a great investment to turn a basement area into a home office. If you opt to use a basement for your home office, factor in good lighting. Fluorescent lights can brighten up an enclosed space more efficiently than standard lamps and bulbs.

You can also find much more living space by decreasing the size of your furniture. Bulky, oversized furniture is comfortable, but can quickly eat away at your space. Consider using smaller furniture in your home office. A guest room can quickly be converted from a bedroom into an office and vice versa as long as you are organized.

Built-in shelving is a wonderful answer to any lack of home office space, but few consumers have such a feature in their home. A few bookshelves provide a good substitute. Many home stores today carry bookshelves that serve a dual purpose. You can use them for books and paperwork or for holding plastic and wicker storage containers. Try to find taller bookshelves, as they provide much more storage space. Tall shelving should always be secured to prevent tipping. Filling cabinets are always a possibility, but these clunky items only offer a few drawers for storage. A bookshelf can be as tall as your ceiling if you choose.

Writing utensils should always be placed in an appropriate receptacle. Decorative cups, mugs and vases provide correct sized storage and a personalized space. If your desk space is smaller than you need, consider shelving that is constructed above and around. Instead of photographs or personalized items taking up needed desk space, they can be placed on the shelving above.

Organizing your home business isn't simply an aesthetic endeavor. It's a process that will save you time and reputation. Your documents will be exactly where you need them. This will optimize your efficiency and give you a great deal of time that would otherwise be wasted on searching for needed items.
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