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How To Smash Fear To So You Can Make Money On The Internet

May 26, 2008
Have you had the dream of running your own business but found that fear was greater than that dream? It is a common emotion for such a large step, but unless you deal with it, it will hold you back indefinitely.

Why is the emotion of fear so powerful? Perhaps it is because most of us are terrified of failing. We have been taught since birth that winning is good and failing is bad. Fear is a sign that you are growing and developing.

Developing as a person involves getting outside your comfort zone. Moving outside your comfort zone usually creates some sense of fear. However, the real problem is how we respond to our fear.

The more knowledge you have regarding the subject you fear, the less there is to fear. Fear feeds on the unknown, so do all your homework on starting your own business before you step forward.

An action is the single thing that will bring about the most results in your life. Ideas without implementation are worthless. You can have the best and most well thought-out plan in the world, but if you do not start it, it is insignificant.

So you need to develop a plan to smash those fears so you can begin your business and make money with the Internet. Where do you begin? It's a good idea to put items down on paper so you physically can see where you are and where you plan to go.

Ask yourself what are your main worries? What strategies can you create to help overcome these? And how can you prevent your major fears from happening?

Start learning all you can about how to run a business. Try taking a course, read some business books, talk to successful business owners. And document along the way from all that you have learned so you can implement it into your own plan.

Develop a business and marketing plan. Get help with this if you are not confident in creating these types of plans.

Remember all business carries a level of risk. Get real about the risks so you fully understand your business ideas and start making plans to minimize them now.

Taking action is the best way to smash your fears and it will get you closer to your goal of making money with the Internet. Action creates the momentum that is necessary to make things happen.

If you run from any kind of a challenge, you will be giving fear permission to take over. Facing fear makes you more conscious and moves you into reality and conquering what you desire.
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