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Connect With Your Niche Publisher And You Will Connect With Others

May 26, 2008
You need your niche publisher just as much as he or she needs you. While they crave your content and seek it out, you crave what they have to offer you. A publisher of content relative to your niche will link you into a network of people who share an interest in your affiliate product if you work him.

Your responsibility as an affiliate marketer is to sell. You, if part of a multi-tiered program, want to expand your down-line so your income can increase exponentially. You will only build your down-line if you know where suitable candidates for it are. You can't view your market for potential down-line members as the whole world before you. Fish for down-line members from a stream not the ocean. Your stream runs through a publisher in the form of his readership.

That readership is your target market that contains like-minded individuals. Some of these readers want information about product benefits in general. They seek out articles that give them information to solve a problem they have. They seek articles with new information about something that is familiar to them. They also seek information on new products, maybe not your specific affiliate product per se, but what an affiliate product of your type will do for them.

This type of readership is your target market. They may link back to you from the article they read and purchase your product. If they link back to you and purchase your affiliate product, they may get excited about that product. If the product meets their needs and they are completely satisfied, they may express an interest in selling it themselves. If they do, you will get credit for their purchase and they will become part of your down-line; helping you to earn a better income. All of this resulted because you made a conscious effort to direct your content to a publisher who is in your niche.

Go where people who look for your types of products are found. Within a niche, there are many online and print publications. Depending on your affiliate product, all of them may be excellent places for your content. However, only some of them may be. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to find the ones best suited to your affiliate product.

When you connect with a particular niche publisher, investigate their print and online publications. Tailor content to their readership with links back to your sites. Some people within this readership group will take the next step and explore the business opportunity beyond the product purchase they may make. If you connect with the right publisher within your niche, you have a better chance that those who share your enthusiasm for a product will come your way. With more enthusiastic visitors linking to your site from a publisher, you have the potential for down-line growth.

That's why just sending your content out anywhere is not an efficient marketing method. You may get a few nibbles, but likely not enough to make the effort worthwhile. When you connect with a publisher in your niche that has readers pre-disposed to your products then you benefit greatly. You will also increase your down-line faster with less effort.

Readers are already thinking in the back of their mind about a product similar to yours. They are hunting for information about its benefits. Their interest is what your content must be about because when they come to you for more information. Build a relationship with them. It may get to the point that they want to sell what you're selling because they become as enthusiastic as you. They sign up in your down-line and away you go to greater profit.

When you connect with a publisher within your niche, you have a captive audience. The publisher's readers want to read about your product category; how these products will benefit them. Once they see benefit in the product, they may see benefit in the business opportunity as well. Be there for them when they're ready to explore the business aspect of your affiliate product. Building your down-line will give you the income you need to increase your downtime, in the form of R & R, in the future.
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