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How You And A Niche Publisher Can Connect

May 26, 2008
Two heads are better than one. That's true in life in general and in business in particular. When two creative mindsets work together, the result is greater rewards for both than if they went at it alone. Collaborative efforts in commerce mean each party receives a different perspective on their project. This is something that is beneficial to you as an affiliate marketer. It is also something of benefit to a publisher within your product niche.

There's a way to connect with a publisher within your niche literally, and psychologically. You make a literal connection by picking up the phone and talking to them, or shooting an e-mail off to them. You connect to them on a deeper level when you both have the same mindset when it comes to furthering each other's business. This is a case of knowing what your niche publisher is thinking, as they know what you're thinking. The goal here is to get great minds thinking alike so each profit from the relationship.

A real connection with a publisher occurs when you provide them with a product they need so they can help you sell your affiliate product. Your product is your article or articles that you send a publisher. Your product to a publisher within your niche is not the product you are selling as part of an affiliate program. Your product to a niche publisher is information about something that your product does.

If you sell vitamins, a niche publisher who produces a health and wellness newsletter or online content site wants one thing. That thing is useful information they can pass on to their readers. They want you, as an affiliate marketer, to send them great articles on vitamin C, for example. They want to know why it is great for such and such and how it helps people who suffer from such and such. They do not want a blatant tacky commercial for your product.

You connect and form a great relationship with a publisher in your niche when you give them want they want. If you give them fresh content, that fresh perspective, on their niche then they're happy. When a publisher is happy, they will make you happy by promoting your content, which in turn links back to you. You get more targeted traffic to your website and potentially more affiliate product sales.

You get a fresh perspective on your affiliate product's niche market through a healthy relationship with a publisher. They can give you information about your niche that you may never have come across on your own. A niche publisher will let you know the concerns of their readership as relates to your affiliate product if you have a working relationship with them. This new information allows you to write focused content and advertising for this niche market. All of this information is knowledge gained from an expert source; your niche publisher. Their perspective gives you an edge over your affiliate product competition.

Stay connected to your niche publisher by communicating regularly with them. Inquire of them continually about their content needs and how to fine-tune yours to meet their needs. Ask them if there are any certain topics or angles they need content for as relates to your affiliate products. Give them what they want so they can give your articles and advertising the placement it needs to get traffic coming your way. If you let them know you have their best interests at heart and are willing to listen to them they will do the same.

Connect to your niche publisher so they will connect with you to give you valuable market information. When you know what their readers want, and who those readers are, you can customize your message creatively. The publisher gains great content that satisfies their readers. You gain a publisher who gives you the forum you need to get your affiliate products some traffic.
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