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How To Turn Your Subscribers Into Buyers in 3 Easy Steps

May 26, 2008
Did you know that...Getting people to opt-in to your list is already a difficult task but getting people who opt-in to your list to become a buyer is even tougher? With all those lousy products emerging in the market, people are more sensitive towards emails that try to sell them something.

With this resistance, internet marketers nowadays find it harder to make sales. If you still want to adopt those olden day selling method such as bombardment of sales emails hoping that your subscriber will buy one of your products. You will most likely end up with an email telling you that your subscriber has unsubscribe from your list instead of an invoice email from your payment account. I am one of those people who will immediately unsubscribe from a list if it only knows how to bombard me with promotion emails and nothing informative. In this article, let me share with you three steps that you can use to convert your subscribers into buyers.

1) Educate Your Subscriber: When I first started, I receive emails after emails from marketers promoting products that I don't even know how it can help me in my business. Therefore I strongly believe the needs to educate my subscribers on the various ways to improve their business. Once they understand the need for a particular product and evaluate that their business need that product to improve, they will most likely buy what you promote to them.

2) Build a Solid Relationship with Your Subscribers: It is very sad to hear some successful internet marketers telling people that the subscribers to their list are their ATM. I prefer to treat my subscribers as partners or friends who are looking for ways to build a business in the internet marketing arena. Therefore I am a big believer of building relationship with subscriber. The only way you can grow your business is to help your subscribers to grow their business. Do you think that they will continue in this business for years if they can't even make a single sale? So you have to understand that your number one task is to help your subscribers make income for their business so that they can continue to support you in your income too.

3) Screen the Quality of Products: Some of the subscribers in your list may be a newbie in this business and they do not know what products are good and what are lousy. Since they trust you by giving you their names and emails. You must take the responsibility to help them screen out those lousy products in the market as you are more experience than them in this area. Some people start this business with very limited money. Therefore you must make sure that their money is well spent and not on lousy and useless products.

Once you can set your direction into these 3 steps, you will eventually see a huge increase in income and subscribers due to the power of 'Words of Mouth'

Don't leave a bad name for yourself in anything you do. Try to leave a legacy for people to remember in the future.

Remember this: The key to being successful in your internet marketing business lies in your ability to generate traffic to your site. Once you manage to master the skill to traffic generation, you will be able to achieve success in any niche you enter.
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