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Write What Publishers Want If You Want To Be Published

May 26, 2008
Affiliate marketing means getting the word out about you and your product. To do that efficiently you must create content that suits specific online or print publications. Sending publishers' content not relevant to their readership wastes your time and theirs. It's imperative to write content that connects with the publisher so he can connect it to their readers.

You write quality content for a publisher when you tailor the content to their target market. First, make sure you find publishers within your niche. Once you do that, take time to inquire of them about their content needs. Insure your article contains information relevant to their readership's interest.

Writing content that readers find useful means they will look upon you as an authority in your field. If they see you as a trustworthy information source, they will link back to your website and your affiliate products. This has a direct impact on the future growth of your affiliate marketing business. It only happens, though, when you take the time to create content that matches a publisher's needs first. You have to get by first base before you can continue your run towards home. A publisher within your niche is that first base.

Before you begin to create content for a publication, inquire of their specific formatting and content needs. When you do this, you accomplish two things. You show them you have a desire to do things the way they need them done. You also provide yourself the basic information you need to create a quality article. A publisher is often a fountainhead for content and article ideas.

As you write with a publisher's needs in mind you are creating an article that has the information in it their readers want. You are doing your publisher, their readers and yourself a service. It's a win-win-win situation for all when quality content delivers needed information.

Good publishers out there know who their target market is and what they want. They also know what they don't want. When an article you write reaches their desk, they look for relevancy. A publisher wants one question answered after he looks at your article, "Will my readers want this information?" If the answer's yes, they will publish it in print, online or both and you gain valuable exposure. If a publisher within your niche, market reads your article and thinks, "This offers nothing to my readers", you're toast; and a burnt one at that. Your publisher won't publish your article. You wasted effort, time and a chance to get link exposure back to those affiliate products.

Good authors write content that keeps readers on a publisher's site or gets them buying their print product. They also write content that keeps readers coming back to a publisher's product issue after issue.

Publishers within your niche will connect to you for the long term if you give them something of value they can pass on to their readers. When you consult with a publisher, get them to give you as much information as they will about their target market. Ask them specifics. Ask them about their core readerships' age group, interests, hobbies and whatever other demographic information they have.

Include information in your article relevant to these demographics' needs and wants. In this way, you give your publisher and their readers exactly what they want. At the same time, you gain the trust of both parties. They both will seek out more information from you down the road. You gain a publisher in your niche who will give you publication space. You gain a loyal readership that will become familiar with your website and products offered there. You will see your affiliate income grow steadily because of targeted content you created for a publisher within your niche.
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