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Liberty League - Everything You Need To Know Part 1

May 26, 2008
Many people in their articles will tell you why they didn't join Liberty League International. Because these people didn't join the company they don't know really what the company is all about. I myself did join Liberty League also known as LLI and will share with you here some facts and some personal opinions.

What does LLI sell? They sell personal development products.

when you become a member you are given the option of buying LLI's first personal development product. The product consists of three audio CD's, one DVD, one Journal, one Workbook, one Wrist Band, one Notepad, and last a Pen. The price of this package was around $1500. You're not required to buy the product but if you decide not to you're going to have to pass up your first five sales to your sponsor and then you'll be qualified to start making money with Liberty League.

When you buy the personal development product you only have to pass up your fist two sales and then you're qualified to make money with LLI.

Liberty League has two more personal development products and they are known as conference tickets. I get a little confused associating conference tickets with personal development. I must say though that I never attended either of the two conferences so I cannot give you my honest opinion of whether these conferences actually help people regarding personal development.

The prices of the conference tickets are quite high but Liberty League claims that compared to other companies the prices are relatively low. The first conference ticket known as the liberty conference cost $8000. The second conference ticket known as the summit conference cost $12,000. Seems like a lot of money huh? The conference tickets include you and a guest. They do not include airfare, hotel stay, food, or car rental.

If you want to make the big bucks with LLI you'll need to purchase the two Conference tickets. You are not required to buy both of them at once but most sponsors will give you a discount if you do.

After you buy either of the two conference tickets you will have to go and pass up your next four sales of conference tickets to your sponsor. Than you are qualified to go and sell the tickets yourself and actually pocket the money.

So to recap here when you bye the 1st personal development product you only have to go and pass up your first 2 sales instead of 5. Then you'll need to purchase the Liberty Conference which is an additional 4 more sales. Last is the Summit Conference which is an additional 4 more sales that you're required to pass up. If you decide not the buy the first product than your total will be 13 instead of 10.

So is this a good thing or bad thing. In Part 2, I will give you the pluses and the minuses of the company and of course my personal opinion. Then you will probably have a much clearer look from the inside of what Liberty League is all about and whether or not it is right for you.
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