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The Roid Rage"Past and Present (Part 1)

May 26, 2008
I have 'Rhoid' rage, This time its haemorrhoids, that's right, bodybuilding is becoming a pain in the ass. It seems like almost every b.b journal I browse through of late, carries articles and letters concerned with physique standards and professional contests judging results.

I have been around the bodybuilding scene for many years now and have experienced a number of changes at competition level. There is no doubt in my mind that the standards have hit new levels for everyone concerned in an event and that the evolution of my sport continues and that the results seen will always get better.

I myself have always had my own personal opinion on who should or shouldn't have won a particular competition, although I would never have the courage to take on the role of actually judging others as a profession.

I would not like to under any circumstances be seen to be criticising the brave judges at any point in this article as I more than anyone understand the pressure that they are put under. You see their results will give some guys the best sponsorship deals and all the other commercial perks that are involved are the losers will end up with nought. Good old Arnold was virtually set up for life by a panel of judges and I am sure he wouldn't be where he is today if they had opted for another bodybuilder.

To be quite frank with you I am not really sure what the exact percentage of bodybuilders is that train with the sole objective of competing in physique contests. I am pretty sure it is a very small amount as the majority of bodybuilders will have varying alternative targets from rehab, to just getting better in their chosen major sport. Many will just want to get fitter or stronger or just improve their own physique standard, gain or lose weight, as well as just adding some muscle.

Few are like Arnold, who reputedly intended from his first squat and dead lift, to become a bodybuilding champion. For most weight trainers, physique contests as such, are something that goes on in the background, that takes up perhaps too much space in the muscle mags, and possibly an event they may attend just once in a while, usually locally to support a fellow gym member, or nationally to see in the flesh some legendary bodybuilder they have seen in the journals. Almost every gym has its own local hero whom most guys agree should at least enter, if not win the area 'Mr Muscles on a Cake' award or even national fame. (Coming Soon Part 2)
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