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How To Squidoo For Website Traffic

May 26, 2008
Squidoo's Internet audience is spreading rapidly and gaining quality eyeballs every day. While it's very user-friendly you will want to know some of the secrets to make it work for you. The good news is the learning curve is short. The challenge is finding a way to fast track your progress.

You, like most Internet marketers, or aspiring IMers, probably want more traffic and more money from your links and affiliate offerings. Squidoo is often thought of as a sleeper. It's time to wake it up for your own purposes...and success. First you'll need to know a few things about the make-up of the community that makes regular visits to Squidoo's lenses.

This membership's crowd is shrewd and you''ll be well advised to use your "A" game when crafting your presentations on this project. They like to learn about new things and new ideas. They don't want to waste their time on ads, although if it is something of value you'll find impulse buyers galore at this location.

Next, and most important, is the overal look of your lens. Image really does matter here as does creativity. Your out-of-the-box attitude and perspective will score you big points at Squidoo. Don't fly too far but don't appear to be too uptight or you'll miss your window of opportunity.

The trick is to have fun and make friends. Being a little kookie helps, especially if you can teach your visitiors something new.

This fast five to-do list will make a difference in how your traffic builds. Take a close look and make your notes. Then re-read the list three more times. You'll find the time invested is indeed well spent.

1. Decide on what you want to feature in your Squidoo site. You can have fun building the more cockamamy lenses that are quick to produce and become less of a task to build. Plus the subjects appear to be more popular with the multitude of Squidoo fans.

2. Squidoo lovers like heavy colors and active subjects that demand them to think about what they are discovering. This helps make your lens "stickier" which is a very good thing.

3. Creating your subject is critically crucial. Even if you're not an author it's not a reason to be worried. If you have ever read a book you have enough skill to build a successful Squidoo lens. Put your thoughts into well written sentences and string them together. After 30 minutes or so you'll be on the right path.

5. Succeeding means work and with work comes the advertising part of the process. Post your link on manual traffic exchanges, FaceBook and anywhere you can find. Membership sites are perfect if you like to schmooze with Internet friends. Build a relationship and work hard to be sure your fellow IM buffs recognize what you do for a living. Be open and honest for the reliable results.
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Travel to a savvy SEO blog for more traffic building schemes. The focus is to search engine optimization of your web image to drive more daily traffic.

Looking sharp online means merging colors and action graphics to attact your audience and provide the information they're searching for VIA search engines. Designing your own customized Squidoo Lens is the first step.
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