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Wholesale Business Discussion Blog Nightmare: Module 2 Ending!

May 26, 2008
Now you may recall already reading "Wholesale Business Discussion Blog Nightmare: Module 1!" already, if you did, great. You'll then probably respond to a not understandable situation in a similar fashion. You may say:

You may know French and Spanish, but may someone speak English? That's usually the response I get when I don't understand one of my favorite languages. Then they give you call calmly to get things back running quickly, just like in productivity peaks. When you call, don't be surprised of two things from an agent. It's usual as far my diligences goes, it happens with big hosting companies. They usually say something in this range: may we offer you to solutions for getting this resolved sir?

Of course, you want the solution to move on. Here are the solutions, a being you can upgrade to a re-sellers account and we would gladly help you set everything up, including the duplication of back-ups for automatic backs for $22.95 with our today 20% discount coupon. Customer service agent works with a clock and with tight deadlines like us, so she or he has to hang you up and make sure you take the quickest and most profitable options without you even feeling it - its business. So agent doesn't hear an answer and starts slowly with the second options.

Sir I am also happy to tell you (I know she is) that you can delete 1,000's of files by going to your FTP and Fantastico panel to immediately create the new blog and eliminate the over-the limit "inodes" since December, therefore, allowing our system to free itself itself from server limitations and as humorous as you are, having a better pre-social Thursday with a starting new starting blog created from scratch. I mean, it's an option sir - would love to help you more. But these are the options.

Now, lesson being, you can move out or think about your business relationship with them for a few hours and conclude. The realistic in print facts being, everyone commits mistakes - especially in business. You just have to create them as fast as you can and as earliest as possible. I thought it would never happen to me, but it happens.

Now just imagine if this were to be your wholesale blog, your wholesale business store or even a consultation field you specialize in? Business isn't for everyone, the ones moving from employee to self-employed and later on to the real business lifestyle may not be the needle in the haystack for riches. It's hard, but then again you might be an Alien like me. Good lord, can you mention it and perhas say - throw me some more challenges or even more deadlines? Truth being, you'll learn a lot more even if you thought you knew better. Business is full of new ventured experiences, read more and like many say - get to work!
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