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Working From Home Typing Guide

May 26, 2008
So you have decided you would like to work from home using your typing skills. You want to work from home because you have commitments that keep you at home. This is a pretty good choice in the internet age as more and more people are working from home and the whole western economy has grown into this.

No longer can you could assemble parts for manufacturers, make stuffed toys and make greetings cards. The economy today is internet based so you will need a reliable internet connection and a computer.

Work from home scams

Here is what you should avoid. I will not focus on any company but instead share with you some scam scenario you may encounter. I am also going to stick to internet based scammers.

First off I will mention is where they offer to sell you a list of companies that are looking for home internet workers. In general be wary of what you are paying for, whilst some of the companies on the list may well be looking workers many of these lists are out of date and not worth the money.

Secondly there are the pyramid scams. This is where you will be charged a fee to join and earn money by getting others to join. These schemes are illegal in most countries and people who join rarely make any money.

What are legitimate work from home typing jobs?

You can find many ways you can earn money using your typing skills on the internet which allow you to work at home and work the hours around your family life. Whilst most of the type of work is typing based there will be instances where non-typing work is required, such jobs are where you become a mystery shopper.

Something you can do is contact local offices, businesses and medical establishments in your area offering your typing services. You will find that many have typing work they cannot manage due to backlogs that their own staff can't clear. If you explain to them about your typing level, accuracy and reliability and also explain your situation can find local part-time work this way. Whilst this may not give you all the work you need it's a start.

If on the other hand you need to remain at home then the internet is your best option for finding typing based work. There are several avenues you can investigate, as I mentioned earlier there are the traditional quick starter jobs you can do. These include getting paid to click, paid to search, online surveys, paid to complete offers, reading email offers, typing review, typing comments and other similar opportunities.

Whilst these options are a good starting point you may want to eventually move on to more higher paid work. This more advanced typing work requires more effort on your behalf to find but is more rewarding. There are webmaster's all around the world that often require jobs doing. These include writing articles, participating in forums and communities, typing descriptions and creating other unique content.
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Caroline can show you how she managed to find free at home typing jobs that allowed her to fit a busy family life into a working day and earn enough to pay the bills. Find out more about work from home typing.
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