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Who Wants More Free Traffic?

May 26, 2008
Be honest - are you one of those people who just pick the first thing that comes into your mind and puts it down as a headline for your article?

Why? If you've spend anytime doing any type of marketing online you'll know how a headline can make or break your sales letter. Write a poor headline and your customers are repelled by it but write a great one and you'll find your customers magically falling over themselves with their wallets open to purchase your product.

But why don't we give the same thought to the headline of our articles?

Is it that we think it's only an "article" title and if it works it works and if it doesn't it doesn't so no harm done, right?

You're right of course; it is only an article and it's not really going to affect your business but it is costing you.

How? It's costing you by the amount of free traffic it's not pulling into your website. We all love free traffic right, people coming to our website and it's not costing us a dime, who could say no?

So if I was to send you 100 free visitors to your site or only 10 free visitors, you know which you'd go for right, of course the 100 free visitors.

So why wouldn't you want the same pulling power from your articles?

You may be writing the best articles on the internet with great content but if no one is reading them are they really going to make a difference to your website.

Take a trip over to Ezinearticles.com or my own site ItWasSoEasy.com and scroll down through the list of articles in any given category. You'll notice that a few will stand out from the rest; they'll get your curiosity going or just plain stand out.

Why? because of a great headline of course. All the other articles in that category may have had the same great content or even better content but their headlines are letting them down.

We live in a headline society, everywhere you go everyone is try to sell us something, we're bombarded with headlines from the newsstand (with magazines trying to outdo each other for our money) to even the back of public toilet doors, we can't escape them.

Because of this and the lack of free time we have, we've become very selective in what we do when we do have free time. For example we used to read books but now we don't have the time so we've moved onto audio books to save time and it now lets us do 2 things at the same time, for example reading and driving.

Now I know what question may be bubbling up in the back of your mind but how can I write a better headline? I'm a poor copy writer or I have no copy writing skills so how can I write a better headline?

And here's the answer.

Grab a pen and paper and zip over to ezinearticle.com (or even my own site) and do a quick scan of the articles on show. You'll notice that some article stand out form the rest, take a note of these and copy them for your next article.

When I say copy I don't mean word for word but the structure the headline what makes it tick.

How will you know a good headline? They'll be the ones that make you stop in your tracks and make you want to read them.

If it worked its magic on you, surely it's going to work on others, right?

And it that doesn't give you enough headline ideas take a look at the newsstand the next you're shopping. What headlines are shouting out at you, or grab your interest and make you want to read them, take note of them also.


You've probably spent a lot of time writing that article of yours and putting great content in it so why not give it the best chances of getting read. Remember free traffic is free traffic and just because article traffic is free doesn't mean you should neglect how much you can get from each article.

So bring out your best headlines and watch that web counter/profits start to grow and grow.
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