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The Website Marketing Power of Press Releases

May 26, 2008
Press releases offer a great deal of marketing power, both online and offline. Through them you can get free website traffic in just hours, because they are so widely distributed. But even with their popularity, you need to make sure you're doing things properly. This article will explain how.

First, you need to learn how to write a press release. If you're not familiar with the typical press release format, you can get samples off of the Internet or through a book. Or, alternatively, you can hire a press release writer to do it for you. However, be aware that if you don't have much money, you may want to use Getafreelancer.com, Elance.com or even Craigslist.com to outsource your work. When doing this, make sure you clearly state the prices you're willing to pay. This will help save you time from having to sift through responses where writers are demanding more.

After your press release is complete, you may want to use PRWebDirect.com to ensure your article will drive more website traffic to your site. Why are so effective in this area? Well, they will look at your press release and determine which highly-searched keywords would best fit in its content. From there, they will distribute your press release to over 100,000 media outlets. You're bound to get free website traffic just from this process alone, though do know that it will cost you money. PRWebDirect.com's prices range from $129 to $460.

If you don't have this type of money to spend, you can opt to use a cheaper press release distribution service. PRWeb.com is one of the best. You'll have to pay $80, but you will still get top-notch distribution. You will even get some SEO assistance, since PRWeb.com offers a variety of SEO tools in their member account area. Of course, this means slightly more work for you, but it could save you hundreds of dollars.

In conclusion, any webmaster who is serious about Internet marketing needs to use press releases for increasing their Website traffic. Not only are they quick, easy and fun to write, but they allow for a type of visibility that even the best SEO-optimized sites can't offer. Why? Well, if things are done correctly, press releases can lead to free airtime on a television or radio news program. SEO-optimized websites can't do that, because they aren't being exposed to the right people editors, journalists and producers.
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