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Internet Marketing - Fueled Up And Mobile

May 26, 2008
Internet marketing is a lot like trying to get a car to run. Imagine an individual who has access to a rather large garage. In that garage are all the parts he will need to make a car function properly.

Immediately he realizes that in order for the car to run he will need an engine so he uses the equipment available to place the engine into the vehicle and he secures the motor mounts.

Once the engine is in place he opens the car door and tries to start the motor, but nothing happens. Total silence fills the garage as he tried to turn the motor.

Exasperated he climbs out of the car and looks at the other parts. He ads a battery and tries again. The engine sputters to life, but dies quickly because he still needed to put an alternator on the vehicle. Then of course there was the matter of the tires and a laundry list of other parts.

If a vehicle can run, but cannot move it is of little use to the driver.

An engine is the biggest part of the car's ability to move, but it is not the only element needed for effective transportation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the biggest part of a businesses ability to move, but it is not the only element needed for effective prosperity.

The vehicle of business needs supplementary tools of marketing that can aid in the forward movement of your business.

What's more you need to have marketing gas to move your business vehicle forward once the engine is running.

If you can start your business, but can't seem to move forward you might need to check your fuel supply.

The fuel in your business is your ability to move product from your online showroom to homes around the world. Without customers you have no fuel to keep the business running. This scenario keeps coming back to the need for sufficient marketing techniques.

Your potential customers have to know that you have the capability of delivering the product you push. Everything depends on your ability to get the word out, get the product into the hands of consumers and get them to come back for more.

There are those that are too timid to push for more sales and there are others that push too hard and find consumers are prone to defection.

You use your business as a vehicle for personal debt management. Like virtually every individual alive today you want to be able to make a living and perhaps earn a little extra for the ability to enjoy certain pleasures in life.

Caractacus Potts in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' used everything including a part of the fireplace in his home to make the unusual car work again. He stayed in his garage for days trying to get the car working. He only stopped when the car was finished and mobile.

Your business doesn't have to look or feel like any other business, but like a vehicle it does need to have the ability to move. What are you doing to ensure it is built for endurance and fueled up for mobility?
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