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Video Marketing Is The Future And The Future Is Now

May 26, 2008
Online video marketing and promotion is positively one of the most effective routes independent publishers can take up nowadays if they want to significantly increase their Web traffic, visibility and exposure. But what are the key ingredients to make video marketing effective?

According to a BurstMedia survey, 7 out of 10 adult internet users viewed online video content and more than half of respondent's age 65 and older are watching online video clips. Marketing managers should embrace online video now or get left behind for good.

Who do you think would know best this stuff outside of those who actually posted some of those popular clips? Well, whoever has tabs and precise data on the whole video publishing situation, can tell a lot more than anyone single user, as looking at the forest rather than that at the individual trees can make a huge difference in building an effective video marketing strategy.

The truth is, the use of video for marketing till now, has been amateurish and many are downright boring. Marketers who can learn how to use videos the right way will have a great advantage over their competitors.

You already know that successfully marketed website videos will increase your sales and build your business up faster than any other marketing method.

Like the small report, try to keep your video brief and to the point. While people would rather watch than read, you still don't want to overload them. The point of a using a viral video (like reports) for your business is to give visitors useful information but just enough.

As an example let's say you join Technorati. You then make a video, tag it with the keyword phrase "funny online video" and upload it to your account. Now all individuals within the Technorati community will be able to access your video when they type in that particular keyword. This is very powerful. Tag viral and bookmarking social can put you in front of a large audience immediately.

Online video is one of the best venues to engage an audience - don't even think about excluding it! This new medium allows the video creator to communicate a message on multiple levels - via visual imagery, the spoken word, music and visual text. It may sound like a commercial for a Montessori school - but this is the way people learn, and consequently, the way legendary brands are created. As a case in point, think of traditional internet marketing; when was the last time that a paid search listing or banner ad raised your blood pressure or induced you to forward something to a friend?

The internet has in many ways leveled the playing field. Just stay alert to any new innovations and be ready to incorporate them into your internet web site marketing strategy. A smart viral marketing campaign can make any small business successful.

Video Marketing Success is to-the-point and easy to understand. There's no extraneous or irrelevant information. Only what you need to know to be successful as fast as possible.
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