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Brand Your Products As Your Own

May 26, 2008
Quickly find corporate branding companies to help with corporate branding, business naming, and company image. Hire one of these company naming services to help establish a new company image or company identity.

Get the word out about your product and brand it. This increases the perceived value because people believe brand name products are better quality. If you want to quickly brand your product, team up with an already branded business and use their name. You could just give them a percentage of your profits.

An even better strategy is to choose a distinctive brand name that is unrelated to your product or service. "Apple" is a good name for a computer company because computers have nothing inherently to do with apples.

You brand as part of your advertising plan, as part of the impression you need to create for your name, product or services. With a good brand image, your product or service becomes associated with quality and value. A good position to be in for any product or service as well as a valuable one in a competitive field.

The process of building your brand is the same whether large or small. It will increase the consistency of your message as you will take control of it. You control the message through marketing, advertising, customer service and all interaction between your company and the market.

Another great advantage of a narrowed focus is the added time you?ll have to market and brand your product or service to a specific demographic. Rather than attempting to grab the attention of the entire general public and to separate your product from the competition, you'll have a single group of customers to attract. As you solidify your appeal to this core group, word of mouth about your franchise should spread, and your business will grow.

Value-added products need a distinct identity -- they need a brand. This publication examines what branding is, why it is important, and the necessary steps to brand your product.

Packaging does a lot more than just grab attention. Packaging tells consumers how to use your product and communicates its features and benefits. And packaging does more than any other marketing element to brand your product and establish its identity and value. Successful marketers realize that an upscale look commands higher profit margins. And consumers are willing to pay higher prices for products that communicate a premium, high-end image.

Branding is one of the most important factors influencing an item's success or failure in today's marketplace. A brand is the combination of a name, words, symbols or design that identifies the product and its company and differentiates it from the competition.

Creating a new name for a new product in a category completely new to the company. Example: A Taste of the Kingdom -- a branded line of value-added products from family farms in Callaway County, Missouri.

You have to understand what you are promising your clients. Your choice of name can assist in making this clear, but the expectations you set are the key to success in this area.

A good example of a useful site sponsored by a brand is ChangeEverything, a community-powered site by Vancouver, Canada-based credit union Vancity, he said. The site explains that it was designed for people "who want to change themselves, their communities or their world" and it promises not to sell people mortgages and other services.

Sellers concentrate on finding buyers who probably have a need, and creating some means to present their product in a way that well-chosen buyers might understand or recognize a need. In other words, it's a crap shoot.

You must be able to deliver on your promises, your customer's experience must match the image built. If you fail to deliver the brand, (your product or company) could suffer irreparable damage.
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