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Maximize Your Adsense Income

May 26, 2008
There are so many different ways that you can make money on the Internet but some of them take more effort than others. For example, you can join an affiliate program and drive traffic to that program in order to make sales. A single sale from a decent paying affiliate program can put $15-$30 in your pocket or more. The difficult part about using an affiliate program is the fact that you're going to have to convince these individuals that it is something that they absolutely cannot live without. Many people forgo the difficulties of selling through an affiliate program and simply use Google Adsense.

This particular Google program is not only good for those who want to look for long-term income from links, it also works very well for individuals who are just starting out in their Internet marketing efforts. Many of them are surprised to see the number of individuals that click on their links and deposit change into their Adsense account. For others, however, they may struggle even to get a single click. What makes the difference between these two different people in that one does well and the other one doesn't? As they say, it's all in the presentation.

There are several different ways that you can maximize your Adsense income. One of the easiest ways is by positioning it properly and making sure that it looks well on your website. The most common Adsense ad that works very well is the large rectangle. Use this exclusively on your article pages and make it blend into the page as if it were just common links. You do this by using the same background color on the ad that is on your page. Make sure that you leave the links below and insert it at the right spot and you will see a dramatic increase in your clicks and your income.

Positioning the ad on your site is also very important. You can't expect somebody to click on an ad that is in some obscure corner of your page. If you really want to maximize your Adsense income, put it above the fold so that they don't have to scroll down in order to see the links. By using a combination of the large rectangle that blends in with your page and putting it at the very top, you would be surprised at the number of clicks that you can actually get. I have some pages that regularly get over 50% click through rate by using these methods.

So, if you have a new webpage or an established one and you want to earn a little bit of extra money, Google Adsense can certainly help you in this regard. Not only can they put some money in your pocket, they may be able to earn you enough to make it a full-time income. Knowing the secrets about positioning and type of Google Adsense ads, however, is the first step in becoming successful.
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