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Is Financial Freedom Online Possible?

May 26, 2008
It is likely that the early 21st century will come to be known as the internet age. Over the last decade, the number of people using the internet use has increased by ten times. In 1998 there were approximately 147 million users; there are now about 1407 million, all coming online for a variety of different reasons. What does this mean for the self employed? Is financial freedom online really possible?

It seems almost inconceivable these days not to have an online presence of some sort if you run any kind of business. Consumers increasingly head for their computers when they are seeking a service, product or information. It seems that if you sell anything, you need to be able to sell it online.

In fact, such is the power of the internet, that you do not even need a physical location. An increasing number of companies run their business entirely online. This is particularly true for the online home business industry, or, to be more specific, the affiliate marketing, or multi-level marketing industry.

It is an industry that is expanding rapidly, despite lingering suspicions among some people that it's full of pyramid schemes or scams. The pyramid association is merely a hangover from the 80s, and scams are present in any industry. Thankfully, affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly valid as a business model, as more and more large companies, such as Amazon.com or Ancestry.com, create their own affiliate systems.

This mainstream validation of affiliate marketing can only be positive for the industry as a whole. Where people enter into a partnership with large, mainstream companies like this, it seems only natural to take the next step into an affiliate marketing and mlm business. The affiliates of online companies where this is the only form of marketing will benefit as more people realise that this is the business model of the future.

As the industry becomes more acceptable to the general public, this will also have an effect on the ability of scams and fraudulent schemes to pull in the unwary surfer. As any industry grows, the more systems there are to prevent unscrupulous behaviour. Even now, with the presence of so many internet marketing forums where people can discover what's valid and what isn't, there is no reason to be hoodwinked.

Alongside the growth of the internet, there is the increasing pressure for more people to work at home. This may be mainly for two reasons.

Firstly, more people who are disillusioned by the job system are making the decision to go it alone. In part this may be due to the rise of the personal development industry that helps individuals to become more empowered and able to make choices about their own lives. Choosing to work at home has become a more viable option in recent years.

Secondly, there is the growing pressure for people to reduce their carbon footprint and use less fuel. Working at home is certainly one of the ways to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles.

Another factor for the growth of the online business is that economic crises, such as the one we are currently experiencing, have very little effect. In fact, when people are made redundant or have to reduce their working hours, they may be more likely to turn to alternative ways of creating an income, and an online business, once established, is probably one that is least affected by economic downturns.

When you combine all these factors, the natural conclusion would seem to be that the online industry (and affiliate marketing in particular) will be the business model of the future, and if we are not taking the opportunities for financial freedom that the internet is now providing, then we may be missing out on something that will grow rapidly in the coming years.

One of the further attractions of working online is that you can create your own personalised business. In multi-level marketing, there is an amazing variety of programs to choose from, and anyone can pick and choose, according to their interests, including health products, books, travel or personal development services. There is something for everyone. While some might just choose one product or service to market and focus solely on that, others might choose several and promote them all from their own website. Some people might like to go even further and write their own e-books, or even design their own programs. The possibilities for creating financial freedom online are literally endless, and the industry is constantly expanding and evolving.

It's a very exciting place to be right now. To anyone asking whether financial freedom online is really possible, I would say that all you need to do is open your eyes and look around to see the way things are going. Yes, if you are prepared to work for it as much as in any job or business, it is one hundred per cent possible.
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