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Top 10 Reasons to Give Your Boss the Pink Slip

May 26, 2008
Are you frustrated wit your job? Do you feel trapped going back and forth to work 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year? Have you ever thought, there must be more than this? If you have it's time to give you boss the pink slip. Below are the Top 10 Reasons Why to Give Your Boss the Pink Slip.

1. No more adult daycare.
Have you ever finished your assigned tasks ahead of schedule only to find out that no matter how much you get done, you must be at work for 8 hours? What's the incentive to work efficiently? If adult daycare doesn't work you give your boss the pink slip.

2. Look how you want.
Do you get sick of being told how you should and shouldn't look at work? You probably stopped letting your mother pick your wardrobe when you were 10 years old, but now in the workforce, you have to look the way you boss wants me too?! This time boss, you get the pink slip.

3. Gain leverage.
Ever notice how you do all the work and get paid peanuts, while the execs wine and dine and get all the bonuses? Why is this? It's because they have leverage, and you don't. And guess what, their leverage is you. If you do good work, you should get the bonus, so give your boss the pink slip.

4. Get paid what you're worth.
Have you ever been passed up for a promotion because you're new? Do your colleagues get all the privileges just because they've been around longer? Can you do twice as well as your senior colleague, and get paid half what they make? Then give your boss the pink slip.

5. Work your own methods.
Are you tired of doing things the way your boss tells you to do them? Can you get it done better, faster, cheaper, if they would just leave alone? Are you micro-managed and controlled to no end? Then give your boss the pink slip.

6. Overcome tyranny of the stupid.
Are you constantly surprised by how many bad decisions management makes? Are you tired of saving your management from their mistakes? Or worse do you find yourself saying, "why are they doing this again, it didn't work last they tried?" Do you have the perfect idea that will never get implemented? Then give you boss the pink slip.

7. Work you own schedule.
Is your schedule working you? Does your family, relationship, vacation, take a back seat to your job? The 9 to 5 schedule gives the best hours of your day to the job when the best hours of the day should go to you; your wants, your dreams, your needs, not to your boss, and not to your company. If this rings true to you, give your boss the pink slip.

8. No more losing team.
Do you get the work done while others slack off? Do your co-workers and your boss constantly ask you how to do their job? Are you stuck carrying around dead weight using your precious energy and time to fix other people's mistakes? If so, give your boss the pink slip.

9. No more justifications.
Do you have to justify your every move at work? Do you have to get permission to be sick, go to bathroom, check email, go to lunch, taking a 15 minute break, coming in late, leaving early, or use a cell phone. Does IT and MIS monitor your key strokes and internet usage, viewing your computer screen from a remote location? If this sounds familiar, give your boss the pink slip.

10. Pay less tax.
Do you know what your biggest lifetime bill is? Answer: Taxes. Over the course of your life you will spend more money paying Uncle Sam, than on food, clothing, and shelter. As an employee, you pay the most taxes out of all classes of taxpayers. Give your boss the pink slip and get your tax money back in your pocket.

I assume if you've read this far your crystal clear on why you should give your boss the pink slip, but the question is how to do this. To give a short answer now, consider this: Your job with all of its complexity and all of the feelings wrapped into it is just one thing, a single stream of income. All you have do to, is get a new income stream, or better yet 10-20 new income streams that work for you. This may sound hard, but to me continuing the life of a wage slave employee is even harder.
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