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How To Motivate Yourself And Make Money On The Internet

May 26, 2008
Have you ever seen one of those rah-rah motivational speakers and felt like a whole new person was bursting inside of you? You felt like a supernatural being in a human body. You were bold, courageous, strong and unstoppable.

Then you go home and the emotional motivation fades away. Where did that powerful voice go? How many times have you been inspired with a good idea and then a week later it's forgotten? You just fail to maintain that level of motivation to the end phase.

Sometimes a goal seems to make sense on one level, but when you look further upstream, it becomes clear the goal is ill advised. Suppose you work in sales and set a goal to increase your income by 25 percent. That seems reasonable, but you are not motivated.

Your goal could be set at 10 percent or 50 percent and it really would not matter because your heart really is not in it. It's elsewhere, you prefer to be a musician and you'll never convince your mind to give up your beloved dream.

You need to summon the courage to acknowledge your true desires. Then you'll have to deal with the self-doubt and fear that has been making you think too small. There's no getting around it if you want to experience lasting motivation.

So first to be motivated and to maintain the motivation you must have a goal that you have passion with. With that passion comes emotion and there your strength last longer and longer because you summon all sorts of unexpected resources to help you.

Well, we have figured out that if you desire to make money on the Internet by motivating yourself, you need passion and emotion to maintain your desire. Next ironically, the key to motivation is to set goals that you care about.

It's strange, but you often find the source of your block is that you're thinking too small. You're letting fears, excuses and limiting beliefs hold you back. Your subconscious mind knows you're settling.

Once you finally decide to face your fears and drop the excuses, and then you'll find your motivation turning on full blast. It seems intuitive that motivation may be highest when setting goals that lie outside your comfort zone.

If we think a goal is too easy, we won't commit all of our internal resources. When we set a passionate, emotional goal that is big enough and challenging enough, we then pump ourselves up for the win. The steps seem clear now on how to make money on the Internet by motivating yourself.
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