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Why Go For Betting Exchanges? Because They Yield Better Horse Racing Results Vis-A-Vis Earnings For You

May 26, 2008
Betting exchanges are increasingly popular among punters. There are many advantages in engaging in betting exchanges, not the least of which is the ease of placing your bets online. You also do not need to go to the racetracks and place your daily bets since software can do it for you. You can even get horse racing results delivered to you on real-time!

How Bet Exchanges can Increase your Earnings

Bet exchanges increase your earnings, oftentimes regardless of horse racing results, mainly because there are not bookmakers who demand higher shares of your earnings. Indeed, your odds increase by more than 20%!

You only need to recompense the bet exchange a small percentage of your winnings. Furthermore, you are allowed to act as bookmakers yourselves. You only bet against other punters online, as against the conventional bookmakers in the racetracks.

Back and Lay Betting Options

Unlike traditional racecourses, betting exchanges allow you the ability to lay. You can set odds about a racehorse not winning an event, which would have been cause for corruption and criticism in the racetracks. (You have easier opportunities to ensure that a racehorse will lose, as against the other way around.)

In fact, this ability to lay allows you to earn profits regardless of the direction the horse racing results has taken. You can lay at a lower price and back at a higher price; thus, ensuring that you have a profit either way. It is a win-win situation.

For example, you can bet that Racehorse A will win for $10 at 10/1 during his first race. You can then lay him at 2/1 in his subsequent race. To ensure profit whether he wins or loses in both races, you offer o30 of your probable earnings so as to win $15 if he fails. You are then covering your first $10 bet.

If he wins in the first race, you earn $100; if not, you lose $10. If he wins the second race, you lose $30; if not, you win $15. If you add up the two bets, you still gain profit either at $5 or at $70. Thus, regardless of how the horse places in the horse racing results, you still earn more money.

Better Odds Offered

Online punters can choose not to take the first offers on their bets. You can take the best odds available and settle for its potential winnings.

Better yet, you can ask for better odds. Sometimes, you have to depend on your gut instinct and experience to determine if there might still be better prices out there. Wait and be patient.

Non-Punishment for Winning

You will not be punished if you consistently win in online betting. This is in marked difference to the practice of bookmakers. They will discriminate against you after more than a few big wins - limited stakes and closing of accounts, among them.

The beauty of betting exchanges is their ability to let you earn big, and earn more and more, without limit. The horse racing results might show that your horse has lost but it will not matter - after all, you placed your lay bet! And even if you do lose now, you can still recover your money. Beautiful, is it not?
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