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How To Setup Your Internet Business To Run on Autopilot While You Play Golf

May 26, 2008
How many times have you... heard of someone telling you about something call the internet lifestyle? With the birth of internet marketing, it has enabled entrepreneurs who are doing this business the chance to work at any places they want simply with a black box call "Laptop".

But is it true that every internet marketer is living such a lifestyle. I bet its not. The main problem of most marketers is that they do not know how to automate their internet business such that it can run on autopilot mode. The key to living an internet lifestyle where you can do what you want, go where you want and work when you want lies in your ability to automate the below items

1) Setup an auto responder service: This service allows you to preload the messages that you want to send to your subscribers at specific interval without you having to physically send them out. With this service, it has automated your task of communicating with your subscribers.

2) Setup your traffic generation plan: If you are in this business for sometime already, you should know that traffic generation is the key to success in internet marketing. Therefore you must plan a series of traffic generating tasks that must be done every month and then you can either pay a monthly fee for an advertising service or engage a freelancer to do them for you. You can easier find someone who is willing to do all those stuff for you for a fee simply from Craig list classified ads.

3) Setup your payment system: With a constant traffic to your website, you must now install a payment system to your website so that you can automate the selling process and paying process. They are numerous payment systems in the market to choose from but I personally prefer PayPal or Clickbank service.

With all these three things in place, you can now enjoy the internet lifestyle that you have been dreaming for a long time.

Before you start to enjoy your internet lifestyle, you must first have a great plan to generate traffic to your website for the money to come.

Remember this: The key factor to being successful in your internet marketing business lies in your ability to generate traffic to your site. Once you manage to master the skill to traffic generation, you will be able to achieve success in any niche you enter.
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