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A Success Plan For the Online Entrepreneur

May 26, 2008
Those who are successful with their online business do not just play at it or make it a fun hobby. They have a Success Plan. This might consist of an action plan, as well as a time-management and budget plan.

This plan is a roadmap with projections and estimates of what you'll be doing, spending, and earning at three, six, nine, and twelve months out.

It is easy to think that you can just wake up each day and decide what you're going to do. After all, there is a huge freedom that comes with working from home. As fun as it might be to get a bit lost on your cross-country trip, it's no fun in an online business without a clue where you are going.

The mindset of an online entrepreneur is the single most important part of your Internet business. This mental stance is the preparation of your total self, your business and creative sides, as well as your willingness to evolve and develop into a better you.

Have your plan include your goals and your dreams, along with realistic expectations for your business.
What kind of business plan asks for a better you? Your Success Plan does.

There are all kinds of books out there on millionaire mindset and having the right attitude. If you choose to overlook this part of your total business plan, you'll miss out on the lessons of life through your business. Don't be so involved with business that you can't evolve through business.

Your Success Plan will not be static, it will move and change as you grow your business. And it should be that way for you with new personal understandings that allow you to grow. Consider it a luxury you might not have been able to afford while working for someone else.

Now, here are four components to a Success Plan you should include:

1. A summary of your business, its concepts and its cost. This should also include your mission statement, with goals, dreams and the mindset you will need for your overall focus and success.

2. Your strategy for Response Marketing. Know the emotional keys that will get prospects to respond right away. Also, how do you see yourself helping or leading other along the way?

3. Set things up right. A company name, DBA or LLC, know which is the best way for you to open your business. A few good domains. Set up accounts with your bank and your online merchant. Make lists and include well thought out daily goals.

Go out and get some books to read for motivation and support of the mindset you want to have everyday.

4. A budget of both money and time. Also, consider how you'll refuel yourself. Will you make time in your work from home plan for exercise? How about that passion you may have stored away, can you integrate it now into your life?

Not having a Success map is a lot like throwing money out the window. There is so much it can add to your business, and to your well being.

You are in the business of making money. Now take the next step and make your work at home business also be an opportunity to see yourself more clearly, and to be a better you from the entire experience.
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