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Long Tails Run Your Best Internet Home Based Business Ideas Most Effectively

May 26, 2008
Many internet home business marketers think how to get lots of targeted traffic, immedialtely and during a long period of time with a reasonable budget.

Another topic they think is how to get traffic, which is targeted residual but do not cost much, they see it should be rather free.

The typical reason for quitting this business is, that marketers concentrate on building a beautiful website and forget the marketing, how to reach the target group. This is a mistake, because the Net is full of websites.

When the website is ready to take orders, the question is, does anybody know that it is in existence? The key to internet business success is that you will have enough targeted visitors. But how much?

You can roughly calculate, that if the conversion rate is around 1 procent, you will need 100 visitors per one sale.

The key to success is a solid business plan and as a part of that effective marketing. Search engines are very popular, most peole start their information searches from there. This is a simple reason, why
search engine marketing is iron.

1. Long Tails Bring More Targeted Visitors.

Long tail or multi-word keywords are an effective way to use search engines and drive tons of targeted traffic to the website of your best internet home based business ideas. Why, because long tails catch prospects from wider audience than shorter keywords.

In the long tail trendy strategy, your best internet home based business ideas website draws motivated traffic from a wide number of low demand keyphrases.

Instaed of using internet business as a keyword for this article, I use best internet home based business ideas, which includes numerous independent but relevant keywords. I get more hooks into water!

2.How To Find Long Tails?

Well, one way is to look, what the competitors are doing, when they market their best internet home based business ideas. Follow the articles, they write and check the source codes of their sites.

Or you can type your candidate keyphrases into the search engine and research the top sites and their codes.

3.Enjoy Higher Search Engine Rankings.

Long tails have fewer competitors and this brings a benefit, that you can rank higher at search engines. Also the demand is lower but because you have more keywords at work and because you rank higher, the traffic is more targeted and the volume is enough.

4.Enjoy Higher Conversion Rates.

Usually long tails are better targeted, which means that the visitors of your best internet home based business ideas know already, what they want. This means better conversion rates and reapeated visitors.

5.Make More Money.

This is not the worst side of your best internet home based business ideas website. The organic traffic from the search engines is very, very effective in the short and long term.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Pick Long Tails And Succeed! I Have Tried Both Short And Long Tails And Can Recommend The Latter Tactics Warmly. Find More, Click Here: Best Home Based Business Ideas.
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