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What Kind of Traffic Generation Methods Is Best For You?

May 26, 2008
How many times have you... heard of article telling you that you can use some of the free methods to drive traffic to your website? But are those methods REALLY free or it comes as a trade off of something in your life.

You finally realize that you need traffic to your site in order to make money. But there are so many methods you can use that are taught in the e-books and video programs you have bought. Which one is the best for you? You need to realize that you are unable to use every single method that is stated in those programs or e-books you bought because it is either too expensive or too time consuming to try them all.

Now is the time for me to explain to you what REALLY is free traffic generation method. The word FREE only imply that you do not have to pay in term of money but you have to pay with your time as all free methods are time consuming in nature. Therefore you must first decide what you want to trade for your traffic, Money or Time? Personally, I recommend the use of 1 free method and 2 so called free methods. So how to choose the best methods that suit you?

1) Set Your Marketing Budget: Once you have your monthly marketing budget set away, you can have a better view of the type of traffic generation method you can use. Depending on your budget, you can look around for advertisement opportunity that suits you.

Examples of Paid Methods are

- Co-Reg
- Ezine Ads
- Banner Ads and many more.

2) Set Your Available Time Slot: Next, you must set away certain time of the day to perform your free traffic generation task. As I have stated earlier in the article, free method means you trade time for dollar. Therefore once you can decided how many hours a day you can spare for your traffic generation, you can then pick the methods that suit you.

Examples of Free Methods are
- Traffic Exchange
- Safelist- Article Writing
- Forum and many more.

3) Understand Your Strength: There are definitely some things that you can perform better in. Maybe you like to communicate with people and forum is the method that best suits you. If you are a good writer, you can then choose article writing as your method of traffic generation. It is important for you to understand your own strength so that you can perform better in that particular task.

Lastly, it is important for you to track the conversion of your chosen methods so that you know which one is performing and which are not. Get rid of those that are not performing and try adding other method to see if it is better.

Now put this into practice and you can start to see results in your traffic flow

Remember this: The key to being successful in your internet marketing business lies in your ability to generate traffic to your site. Once you manage to master the skill to traffic generation, you will be able to achieve success in any niche you enter.
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