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There is a better way, I found it!

May 26, 2008
There was a time when a day wouldn't go by and that thought of, there has to be a better way then this, would cross my mind. I know I'm not alone, that's a very universal thought, I'm sure. Not to many of us have the kind of money it takes to start a business and getting into the right business is where it's at. Working for someone else doesn't get most people any where to quick!

You always hear, being in business is not always easy. Struggling to get by isn't either. I have no problem putting in the hours to create wealth. But again, most of us don't have the capitol to get a business going. But still that thought of a better way, was pushing me to search the internet when ever I could. This is a very interesting venture if you have the patience.

I found it helpful it helpful that a friend of mine was doing the same thing, surfing the web for opportunity. We would ask each others opinions about certain websites, and we were learning what was real and what was a scheme. Those dead opportunities that are a waste of time, here today, gone tomorrow!

Every chance I could, I was surfing the net for opportunities. I was sending emails, asking questions, seeing what people were up to. You have to be careful, most of these so called opportunities will go now where. Many are copy cat versions of something else. In a few weeks or so, I've seen internet opportunities seize to exist.

Another interesting thing we found was, the product and training, ninety five percent of the time was terrible. We get excited and say to ourselves an internet business sounds like a good idea, but you want a business that works and you can be in for a long time. The only one's that are making big money, know what their doing. You want to get connected to those kinds of minds.

I'll give you an idea of what I mean. When I want more information on a opportunity, I have it sent to an email address specifically set up for this. Some information I got was about a website that I could purchase for twenty bucks, with ebooks on how to market on the net. This sounds affordable, but the information in these ebooks I new was outdated, useless information, a rip off.

I would make twenty dollars then on every sale of that website and ebooks. This is not a credible business to get involved with. In the first place this is just a quick scheme to make a buck and the products were useless materials. I could sell five to ten of these a day, but I'm not selling anyone a useless product. I see this all the time, as much as one hundred fifty plus, for useless information.

A company that's been around at least a little while and has useful products that work is a credible opportunity. You want something that offers training over the internet where you can sit in live at least three times a week. You need your own personal online area, that most call a online back office, where you access to more recorded training and all your up to date marketing tools, things that work! And last you want the potential to make thousands, and this is very possible every month.
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