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Liberty League - Everything You Need To Know Part 2

May 27, 2008
So in part one we went and focused on the compensation plans of LLI. The costs of these plans and the total number of pass-ups you will have to make before becoming a big player in Liberty League. Here in Part 2 we'll talk about whether this is good or bad and whether or not LLI will be the right place for you to start your Internet Marketing Career.

If you're going to make the big money at Liberty League International then you're going to have to first spend a lot of money. If you decide to purchase all three personal development products then you can plan on spending around $30,000 in your first six months with the company. This amount also include some basic costs associated with marketing your website.

One thing I failed to mention is that Liberty League charges their members for the conference calls they hold. This is a very crucial part of getting people to join the company by getting them in on the conference calls. Liberty League has taken advantage of this fact and charges all their members $100.00 every three months to be able to use the calls. Many other programs offer their calls for free.

Once you buy all three products you are now ready to make the big money with LLI. The hard part now will be the ability to convince people to pay you tens of thousands of dollars, especially when they know that they will have to pass up many more sales to you before they can make money themselves. This included with the fact that most people simply don't have $30,000 laying around makes things much harder.

To be a top marketer with LLI you'll need to become a great sales person. You'll also have to accept the fact that you'll be spending a great deal of time with your prospects. You will also have to know how to market yourself well and get your own personal website up and running.

With all network marketing businesses you need to mentor the people who have joined the program through you. Also keep in mind with LLI and the way there pass-up program is set up once your team members have paid you for all three conferences and are fully qualified you cannot make any more money off of them. This isn't a very good thing because now the member breaks away from the sponsor and is left competing with the sponsor and everyone else in the company.

Another important thing to know about Liberty League International is that even though they will give you some marketing training, you will not be given much. In the back office of your Liberty League website you will find only a page or two of marketing methods mentioned and they are pretty basic. LLI does have a conference call for it's members where they go over some methods but once again they only give you a couple basic methods on how to market. They actually spend the majority of the call trying to convince you to buy the very expensive conference tickets. Who's selling who now?

So now it's time for my personal opinion. If you have a lot of money and are willing to put in the time and wait until the money starts to roll in your bank account and not your sponsors than I would recommend considering Liberty League. Personally I believe the compensation plan is flawed and the marketing training LLI gives you is Obsolete. If you plan on starting with a internet marketing company and don't have a lot of money you shouldn't choose Liberty League.

One more thing I wanted you to know about here is that Liberty League claims not to be a MLM company but indeed they are. An MLM company usually has three or more levels and with each level a different pay-out is given. Liberty League meets the definition of an MLM company perfectly. Also coupled with the fact that they also have a pass-up program where you have to give your sales to your sponsor makes things even worse. I asked my sponsor what to tell people that ask if this is an MLM and she got very mad that I even asked the question and told be to tell them its not. Not a very good answer huh?

The good thing about Liberty League is that they did introduce me to personal development which has really helped me in making and achieving my goals and focusing on the most important thing. This most important thing is you and your own personal development. There's a phrase I often use that I heard from a personal development audio one time. Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living. If you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune. These are words to truly live by.
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