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How to earn money on the Internet Today!

May 27, 2008
At Become A Virtual Assistant, we have been asked by lots of people "How can you avoid 'Working From Home Scams?'". They feel scared about working via the Internet. They hear so many stories about scams that they assume that all work offered via the net is rubbish. With a little bit of common sense, the rubbish can easily be sorted from real earning opportunities. Hopefully in this article I will be able to show you how to quickly check to see if it is real or fake. I have been working via the Internet for over 10 years so have some experience in this.

Warning - Home Typing Scams

I personally have been earning my living on the Internet by typing or website designing. There are Home Typing scams but today they are few and far between. Further on in this article I will give some pointers as to how you can work out if it is real or a fake.

Medical Billing Scam

This goes along with the above - if you have to pay for billing software, beat a quick retreat.

Craft Assembly

Most of us know that it is cheaper to go into a store and buy a knitted scarf than it is to buy the kit to knit it. Well this works the same way. You buy all the equipment you need and then try to sell the items - you are bidding against items from places such as China and you will end up with a lot of craft items yourself. Worse even is the scam that asks you to send the items back to the supplier for a quality check. As you can imagine, you fail the test and the goods are returned and you are not paid.

How to sniff out a scam

Some measures have been put in place on the Internet to protect you but here are some questions you could ask yourself to sniff out a scam:

Is there a website for the company?

What is the quality of the website?

Is it well explained and is there a lot of information available?

Are there any testimonials and do they have pictures and contact details?

Does the company offer video or other training?

Is there a money back guarantee? If so does it have a big black and gold logo giving the timescale for the guarantee? Does it simply offer a lifetime guarantee? If the company is paid via Clickbank/PayPal or PayDotCom you will ALWAYS be able to get your money back in 60 days.

You can also look out for other organisations that have trust logos on their website. They come in various shapes and sizes so be diligent and look carefully.

Have a go at trying to sniff out some of the scams, we did and found a few genuine sites.

Think logically about it. If the offer seems too good to be true i.e. earning $25,000 in three months, it probably is a scam. There is no easy way of making money fast.

Now you are equipped with the extra knowledge about scams, follow the link at the bottom of the page. This will take you to details of a site that we have researched thoroughly and worked with. Happy safe surfing and working!
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Want to make money NOW! I have been working and winning awards on the Internet for over 10 years and the best scheme for earning urgent money is Web Collegues. Become a Virtual Assistant for a long term business run by Di Chapman.
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