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5 Razor Sharp Ways To Get People To Tell You, It Made Me Click

May 27, 2008
In Response Marketing, your whole task is to get prospects to gut respond, or emotionally respond to your advertising/marketing. Success is when they mention to you, I just had to check that out. Or, (your ad) made me click. Here is 5 ways to make that happen.

1. Don't read this article, it won't help you! Marketing on the Internet features reverse psychology. It works and here is why. The Net is about finding info. If someone wants to make a purchase they go looking for info.

To catch a prospects attention your PPC (pay-per-click)or banner ad could tell them to NOT get a product or join in a particular business. The more the prospect reads they find out that you actually represent the opportunity, believe its great, and that they should get it Now.

2. To get good at Response Marketing, your text or banner ad copy has to appeal to the emotional trigger that makes people buy. Your marketing words have to peak curiosity.

Words to use are emotive words like: ultimate, discover, powerful, explosive, etc. Words you use should relate to your offer, and these words are the very ones that you yourself are moved by and would respond to.

Tell people to click on your ad or banner. This is referred to as a call to action, like "look now" or "click here". People new to the Internet need direction, they need to be told to click because they may not even know they can click on a banner or link and be brought right to the heart of the matter.

Just having the call to action phrase in your ad will absolutely increase your click-throughs.

3. Another psychology is just the old fashioned deal. Everyone loves a deal. You might offer a price discount with a time deadline attached to it. You want to tell your prospect, give them the call to action and give them deadlines, or as human nature is, they might just put off the very thing they want or need.

A deal is so popular on the Net that many people won't even buy unless there is a deal attached. Read that again, it's worth noting.

You could advertise a free offer. Extra goodies are attractive to everyone. People love free stuff all the time. They never don't want free things. Especially when the freebie stuff relates to your prospect. If you present it well, prospects will click where you tell them to, and when you tell them to.

4. Have a strong guarantee. The guarantee can even be used as your headline offer. It can be one of those surefire deals that the prospect will feel silly to not take you up on it, like a double your money back offer. Or, instead of 30 day refunds, how about 60 or 90 days.

5. Let your targeted prospect know the major benefit of your product, or service in your advertising. Present a benefit or feature that has a real emotional wallop like, make money now, lose weight today, increase your energy forever.

This kind of response marketing does much better with testimonials. Prospects like to here about the results of real people. That's why they are used so often. People will stick around longer. A couple of testimonials is enough, and then your offer, and you'll have sales clicking through the marketing you have carefully selected for them.
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